Corrugated Containers Offer Product Protection and Recyclable Solutions to Meet Your Shipping Needs

Brown Packaging manufactures high quality corrugated containers. Corrugated containers are made of a hard material that protects the product but also requires internal components to protect fragile contents. Corrugated containers have many benefits that make them the ideal shipping solution for today’s businesses:

  • Quality -corrugated containers must be strong enough for the product.  Available in different thicknesses, corrugated containers must ensure the safe arrival of your product at its destination. 
  • Safety – corrugated containers can be designed with various closures to ensure the safety of your packaging.   
  • Supply Chain Efficiency – related to the movement of a product to the customer. Our team has experience with creating and designing containers to get your products to your customers.  
  • Recyclable - corrugated containers are made from linerboard and other recyclable material. Using corrugated containers reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Brand Identification – your brand logo or design can be placed on the outside of the container for visibility purposes.
  • Affordability – corrugated containers are cost-efficient when compared to other more expensive shipping methods.

Brown Packaging is constantly creating novel product designs as well as introducing innovative technologies, tools and design software.  Our team of professionals will assist you in choosing the appropriate corrugated containers for your shipping needs.  We are able to deliver corrugated containers on a large scale to an extensive variety of businesses whether they are small businesses or large corporations.  We are dedicated to our customers and provide high-quality service for your shipping needs on time and on budget.

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