3 Reasons Why Corrugated Boxes Are so Cost-Effective Even in 2018

In an age of corporate sustainability, it should come as no surprise that the demand for Eco-friendly materials has increased markedly in recent times.

This is particularly true in the corrugated segment of the packaging industry, which is poised to experience exponential growth over the next four years. In fact, the demand for corrugated boxes and similar packages is expected to increase by an average in excess of 4% annually during the next five years, creating a market that will be worth approximately $176 billion by the end of 2019.

Make no mistake; the sustainable nature of corrugated boxes is one of many reasons behind their popularity, as materials of this type are also extremely cost-effective. Here's how:

1. You Can Recycle Corrugated Boxes for Multiple Uses

As a sustainable material, it stands to reason that corrugated boxes should be recyclable, and this offers businesses a significant cost advantage when it comes to packaging and shipping their products.

In total, more than 80% of corrugated packaging is recycled, and this represents a higher rate than any similarly sustainable material currently in use. This means that your businesses can achieve multiple uses from single boxes, minimizing waste and reducing the amount that you spend on packaging during the course of the financial year.

The durable nature of corrugated packaging also means that boxes can be reused without incurring significant wear and tear, which is a key consideration when looking to protect your products (we'll have more on this later).

The exact saving to your business will depend on the amount of corrugated material that you use, but there's no doubt that this can accumulate quickly within a relatively short period of time.

2. Corrugated Packaging Can Protect Your Products

The use of this type of packaging can also provide additional protection to your goods (especially while in transit), which in turn helps to safeguard the investment that you've made in your inventory.

Cardboard has always been incredibly effective at protecting both fragile and non-fragile items, for example, while the sheets of glued, recyclable paper that fortify corrugated materials offer additional structure and security.

This makes the packaging more than capable of resisting shock, impact or unexpected drops, which may prove crucial when shipping goods over extended distances.

Corrugated materials also offer outstanding thermal insulation, which in turn helps to ensure that moisture is kept away from your products during storage.

3. This Type of Material Is Also Extremely Flexible

Corrugated cardboard is also an extremely flexible and malleable material, and one that offers a broad range of options to product-oriented business-owners.

More specifically, corrugated boxes are available in a range of different shapes, sizes, and styles, meaning that you can identify adequate packaging to suit your precise needs. This means that you need not invest in an excess of packaging when shipping your goods, enabling to minimize your cost and environmental impact as a result.

Corrugated packages can also be sourced with single or double wall protection, so it's possible to tailor your packaging to suit the specific product that you intend to ship.

Once again, this translates into greater cost-effectiveness, as you look to optimize your spend while also maximizing any potential ROI.

Discover the Cost-Effective Benefits of Corrugated Packaging

While the financial benefits of corrugated packaging are tried and tested, leveraging these for your business may not be as easy as it seems. This is where a firm like Brown Packaging comes into play, as we can provide you with a diverse range of corrugated boxes to suit the precise needs of your business. We service Burlington, The Golden Horseshoe, Ontario and the wider GTA region, providing quality and affordability in equal measure.

  • Corrugated boxes remain one of the most sustainable materials available to businesses.
  • The use of corrugated packaging can also deliver a number of cost savings and benefits to brands.
  • At Brown Packaging, we can connect you to this type of packaging while enabling you to realize its full potential.