3 Reasons Why Every Business Can Benefit from Corrugated Boxes

For businesses providing services in the 21st century, ecosystems awareness is a new requirement.
More specifically, how businesses take care of their waste management and product distribution, while limiting their “carbon footprint” as much as possible. Corrugated boxes are an easy way for businesses to go green without impacting their bottom line.

One reason for doing this is because it is less harmful to the environment than using alternatives like plastic, or other non-recyclable materials.

If plastic containers are transported to landfills and end up in the ocean, a business can indirectly harm the diverse system of animals being affected by the toxicity of the material. And if something like this is traced back to a company, it can result in bad PR.

Corrugated Boxes Are Environmentally-Friendly Options

Fortunately, many businesses are switching over to recyclable options, such as corrugated cardboard boxes in order to deliver products to their customers. 

Cardboard containers can be safely packaged away, saving warehouse space and transportation time, when contracted companies pick up the “trash” and re-direct it to the factory floors for further processing. While this can also be done with plastic containers, some containers cannot be effectively packed away and still maintain their original shapes or re-used.

There Are Financial Incentives to Go Green

Many distribution factories are now offering incentives and regulatory legal frameworks to companies that are willing to pursue eco-friendly options.

Legal Frameworks, such as the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, and the Forestry Stewardship Council guidelines provide an easy-access layout for businesses and their corporate community to be on the same page when it comes to following a set of rules across an industry.

This makes it easier for all the contracted companies to work together to become more environmentally friendly. And because it allows costs across various companies to be lowered (in having cheaper product packaging delivery options, less shipment weights equaling less transportation costs, and more variety of product “beautification” options), many packaging companies will offer bonuses and other incentives. They do this simply because it looks good for the industry and makes for good PR.

An Industry Can Rally Around a Positive Message to Enact Change

Some companies will sign specific paperwork to belong to environmentally-friendly guidelines.

And while those companies may adhere to a set of scientifically-acceptable standards, great companies will go one step further to actually innovate how products are manufactured. This in turn can provide a new revenue stream for the business, who own the environmentally-friendly technology, and a dependence on the business can ensure their industry-wide solid standing.

Even funding initiatives and proposing new methods of completing 21st century environmental problems, ensures that those businesses will remain the public eye for caring about the “imprint” they leave as a legacy; a forward-thinking business.

Brown Packaging | Corrugated Boxes Manufacturer | Burlington, Ontario

Brown Packaging continues to pursue eco-friendly options. We are located in Burlington, Ontario, a region that is found within the Golden Horseshoe, but we serve Toronto and the GTA. We continue to offer eco-friendly options to all of our clients because we understand how important it is to protect the environment.

Want to learn more about how we are doing our part with our wide variety of corrugated boxes? Feel free to get into touch with us today.

  • Bonuses and other corporate incentives can be offered industry-wide, to ensure everyone benefits financially from switching to eco-friendly cardboard boxes.
  • Companies can share business ties to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative or the Forestry Stewardship Council guidelines, to keep all businesses involved aware of current practices.
  • Eco-friendly innovations and opportunities are funded as a means of setting a new standard.