3 Trends Involving Corrugated Containers That You Should Know About

1. Addressing the Impact of Environmental Issues

As with any sustainable material, the rising demand for corrugated containers and boxes is being driven by environmental and sustainability issues.

Large corporations are at the heart of this drive, as they continue to respond to the growing sense of social responsibility that exists among customers. In fact, around one-third of global consumers now prefer sustainable brands, as this becomes an increasingly important influencer of purchasing decisions in the modern age.

As a result of this, businesses are making considerable investments in environmental protection and sustainable packaging, while simultaneously striving to reduce energy consumption.

The widespread use of corrugated containers represents a no-brainer in this respect, as it's relatively easy and cost-effective to achieve and can drive incremental savings over a concerted period of time.

2. Lightweight vs. Heavyweight – Changing Every Aspect of the Packaging Market

Average substance weights are also a key driver in the current marketplace, as producers look to improve the yields of both lightweight and heavyweight containers in equal measure.

At the heart of this is the drive to reduce overall packaging weight and minimize transportation costs, primarily by introducing flexible corrugated packages that are available in a diverse range of shapes and sizes. This is particularly evident in lightweight containers, which are used more frequently by brands across the globe (and especially in Western Europe).

However, the industry has also seen the introduction of new heavyweight solutions, some of which boast complex designs and are expected to replace wooden packages in the longer-term. This may also provide a lighter and more cost-effective alternative to a double-walled corrugated board, delivering further savings to entrepreneurs in the process.

There's no doubt that such innovation continues to driver higher levels of demand in the industry, while this trend shows absolutely no sign of abating anytime soon.

3. The Rising Demand for RRP (Retail-Ready Packaging)

According to figures, total eCommerce spending increased to a whopping £230.62 billion last year, with further growth expected at the end of 2018.

Despite this, offline shopping remains the dominant driver of retail sales across the globe, and this is unlikely to change any time soon.

This is reflected by the growing demand for RRP and point-of-sale displays, which has, in turn, provided a further outlet for the corrugated container industry. More specifically, brands are increasingly turning to container board products for their POS displays, which combine sustainability and enhanced graphic properties to achieve breathtaking effects.

Similarly, brands can now integrate smartphone apps and QR codes into their POS displays and corrugated containers, creating cost-effective and branded materials that customers can interact with while shopping.

Your Business and Corrugated Containers

With these benefits in mind, it's hard to argue against the growth of corrugated containers and the benefits that they can deliver to your business.

At Brown Packaging, we can also help to expertly brand your containers and packaging, as we look to transform simple boxes and POS stands into interactive, engaging and highly profitable marketing materials.

Currently, we serve customers in The Golden Horseshoe, Ontario, Burlington and the GTA, and are ideally placed to help you realize the benefits of corrugated containers within your business.

  • Corrugated containers are part of a growing and highly lucrative market.
  • Driven by sustainability and innovation, they also provide a cost-effective way to market your business.
  • At Brown Packaging, we can connect you with affordable containers that add genuine value to your business.