4 Reasons to Print Company Information on Your Corrugated Boxes

When you ship product in corrugated boxes, consumers cannot see the contents of the box and they will have no idea what’s inside, unless you take the additional step to print your company logo or product details on it. Some companies elect to send blank boxes in order to save on their budgets, but this is a big mistake, and a missed opportunity to increase your company’s exposure. Brown Packaging specializes in manufacturing high quality corrugated boxes and we have decades of experience in the industry.


1. Generate Buzz for Your Brand

When a new Apple product is nearing release, news agencies show coverage of cargo trucks full of Apple branded corrugated boxes being unloaded and massive lineups outside of stores where their products are on display. The site of a box containing Apple products is enough to set the market on fire. The company understands the importance of branding and using every tool available to you to generate buzz for your brand. These tools can be corrugated boxes showing the Apple logo and specs of the product or the product’s packaging.

2. Increase Brand Awareness

What brands are the most recognizable in the world? Typically, consumers would say Apple, McDonald’s, Nike, Samsung, and Starbucks. All of these companies understand the usefulness of brand awareness and they use it at every avenue to boost the success of their products. When Starbuck’s releases a new product, they offer free samples and promotions to encourage consumers to buy it. Corrugated boxes are an easy way to increase brand awareness at a much cheaper cost than sampling your product. The simple sight of your packaging is enough to remind consumers that your brand exists and excite them about what the package contains.

3. Improve Visibility

When a retailer is unpacking a truckload of corrugated boxes, simple branding on the box will tell them which products are inside of the box and which ones need to be handled with care. Blank boxes are a mystery to the box boy and it is important that you protect your products by displaying all of the relevant information that someone would need to know when unloading them. A simple heads up may save your products from being tossed around or roughly handled before they have arrived in the hands of a consumer. You work hard to design your products and they deserve to make it to the end of the retail cycle.

4. Free Advertising

Plain corrugated boxes offer no advertising value. However, branded corrugated boxes clearly display what product is inside and offer a cheap way to advertise your business on the go. Once the boxes are unpacked, corrugated boxes are sometimes reused by individuals who are moving and performing other services that require them. When these individuals use your boxes, they will notice your branding. This tiny bit of free advertising increased your exposure and is more valuable than no advertising at all. In addition, consumers talk, and if they have recognized your brand, they may be more willing to discuss it and advertise it through word of mouth. Take advantage of this easy form of advertising by branding your corrugated boxes with your logo and product information.


Printing company information on your corrugated boxes is an essential step for any business that ships their products across the country. This simple step offers a lot of value and doesn’t add a lot of cost. Brown Packaging is here to help you manufacture a set of corrugated boxes that can effectively advertise your business. We are located in Burlington, Ontario, but we offer our services to clients throughout the Golden Horseshoe and the GTA