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If you’ve ever shipped or received a product, you are familiar with corrugated containers. They are everywhere, they enable the shipping process, and they play an important part in almost everything we purchase.

But as important as corrugated containers are, there are several things you should know about them if you are planning to use them for your business.

1. Corrugated Containers are Versatile

You may think corrugated containers are fairly basic. After all, how complicated can a box be? You’d be surprised to know that they can be fairly complicated depending on the needs of your business.

Most products are shipped using standard boxes. They will have strong edges, be durable enough to survive the shipping process, and be recyclable.

However, it’s the more complicated corrugated containers that deserve some recognition. Whether your business needs containers with multiple tiers, inserts, or special shapes. These containers come in all sorts of varieties in an effort to make the shipping process as seamless as possible.

2. They Are Durable

All corrugated containers are designed to safely protect your products during the shipping process. As a result, most of them are rated to survive a certain amount of impact. One of the most popular tests is the edge crush test, which deals with how much force a box can take before it crumples and breaks.

Because of this, corrugated containers are designed with certain levels of impact resistance in mind. Extremely fragile products will require more durable boxes, while a shipment of clothing may require a less durable box.

If you are unsure of what type of box you need for your products, feel free to contact us to discuss what box is best for your needs.

3. They Make a Great Green Option

It is important for companies to be eco-friendly today. Environmentalism is a major movement and many companies have been working hard to create green policies.

Most corrugated boxes are recyclable, making them a green option for any company that wants to implement eco-friendly policies.

While this isn’t something that all companies are pushing for, it is a commendable initiative for any companies that are pursuing these kinds of policies.

4. You Can Advertise on Them

You already know how important brand loyalty is. You’ve likely spent a lot of money advertising online, in traditional media formats, and in other creative ways.

But have you invested in advertising through corrugated containers? If you are going to ship products, why not turn it into a form of free advertising. It’s extremely easy to print your logo and graphics on corrugated boxes. On top of that, you can even print high quality graphics to better advertise your business.

We recommend that every company advantage of this easy form of advertising.

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Brown Packaging manufactures corrugated containers of all shapes and sizes. We are located in Burlington, Ontario and have been providing corrugated boxes to companies for many years. To date, we have serviced companies located in the Golden Horseshoe, throughout the GTA, Ontario, and all of Canada.

Don’t miss out on all the opportunities that corrugated boxes provide to your business. They are an easy way to protect your products through the arduous shipping process, technological improvements have made them even better over the past few years, and they provide you with a great way to advertise your products.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact one of our sales reps today. They are ready to answer any questions that you may have.

  • Advertise your products more effectively with corrugated containers.
  • Keep your products safe, reducing wastage in the process.
  • Save money when you purchase in bulk.