4 Types of Corrugated Boxes That Are Perfect for Your Business

Purchasing corrugated boxes is not a task as simple as simply ordering corrugated boxes. There are many different types, and some types may be more suitable for your products than others. To know which type of cardboard box is best for your products, here is a list of four common types of boxes. Each box type has a unique shape and function, and will affect your product differently during shipping and handling.

Regular Slotted Containers

Regular slotted containers are everywhere. They are the design that you think of when you think of corrugated boxes. The flaps are equal in length, fold over each other, and are taped up with packing tape. This type of box is best suited for a small item, like a coffee mug, piece of clothing, or small trinket.

They are “boxy” and are sturdy enough to ship fragile items as well, like wine glasses or electronics. You can also stuff the box with packing peanuts or bubble wrap as an additional precaution. Most small businesses that ship and handle small items for their customers would benefit from purchasing regular slotted containers. 

Corrugated Trays

Corrugated containers are small rectangular boxes. There are no flaps on this type of box. Instead, you can simply place the top over the bottom, as the sides will fit around each other. You have most likely seen this type of box when opening packages of paper, important documents, and even some food items.

If you have products that you want to keep as visible as possible, at the expense of the protection that boxes provide since shapes with wider surface areas are weaker, corrugated trays are right for you. They are also very easy to handle, and can be placed in a multitude of areas during shipping since they are flatter, having a height that is less than its width or length.

Half Slotted Containers

Half slotted containers are exactly like regular slotted containers with one exception: half slotted containers have only one set of flaps. Since these flaps are on the bottom, half slotted containers are open-faced. While half slotted containers do not provide the protection that regular slotted containers do, half slotted containers are great for items that are either heavy, or that need to be removed from their box during transport.

You can also slide a half slotted container over an item to either protect its top, or you can use two half slotted containers to slide over an item to protect its top and bottom. Appliance stores that ship items like refrigerators, washers, and dryers, often use half slotted containers for this purpose.

Die Cut Custom

If none of the boxes described above meet your needs, you may benefit from a die cut custom box. Die cut custom boxes are manufactured to your specific requirements. If you require a box with a unique surface area, size, height, width, and length, and pre-made boxes just will not do, you will benefit from ordering die cut custom boxes for your goods. Die cut custom boxes are very customizable, coming in all shapes and colors. If you have specific requirements, due to the size, shape, or fragility of your goods, you should consider purchasing die cut custom boxes.

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