4 Ways to Advertise Your Inventory Using Point of Purchase Displays

Point of purchase displays are a standard item used by shops ranging from corner stores to upscale boutiques in luxury malls. Displaying items which may or may not relate specifically to a company’s inventory (for example, buying chocolate bars in a sporting goods store), point of purchase displays are a smart investment for any business owner seeking to increase their sales. Here are four reasons why you should have a point of purchase display in your storefront today.


1. You Can Showcase Less Well-Known Items

Every business owner knows that some items sell better than others. While it may be economically disadvantageous to stock all your items on the shelves, especially if space is constricted, stocking your less-desirable items at a point of purchase display allows you to sell such items more frequently to customers. If you desperately need to get rid of inventory, for instance you are stocking too many Valentines Day chocolates on February 15th, you can advertise them at checkout for White Day, the male Asian version of Valentines Day where women give gifts of appreciation to their men, as well as introducing cultural diversity to your store. The possibilities are endless.

2. Customers Can Buy Essentials Without Leaving the Line

It happens to every customer at least a few times. They are patiently waiting in line for the cashier to ring up their order and they realize they’ve forgotten something. It could be bananas, it could be spare batteries, lifting chalk, or a new pair of sunglasses. Unfortunately, customers cannot leave the line or they will lose their place, more so if their order is being rung up at that moment. By stocking your point of purchase display with items such as these, customers can feel satisfied they have purchased everything they wanted to, without the added hassle of leaving the line and rejoining it later on. In doing so, customers will feel better about your store that you took the time and effort to care about their needs.

3. You Have the Customer's Undivided Attention

Even businesses with excellent service have customer lines from time to time. While in line, customers often look around the store, waiting for their turn to purchase their items. Instead of having your customers look at ceiling fans for a few minutes, why not give them the opportunity to check out some smaller items at the point of purchase display next to the cashier. While those in big box department stores usually have things like batteries or tabloid newspapers, you can stock your point of purchase display with items specific and related to your store. If you run a sporting or supplement company, why not advertise the newest protein bar or vitamin supplement? It is far more effective than solely displaying such items on the shelf where they compete with your other inventory for the customer’s eye. You have the customer’s undivided attention and you should use it to your advantage.

4. You Can Advertise to Customer's Outside Your Niche

Most items can be sold if outside your business’s niche market. Now, obviously, Victoria’s Secret would not be able to sell children’s diapers at their point of purchase display but they can sell brushes, specialty hair products, or even chocolate, items that are not inherently relatable to women’s lingerie. By stocking products slightly outside your niche market for customers, you can increase sales by deterring them from shopping at your competitors and offering your customers convenience at the same time.

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