5 Reasons Why Businesses and Customers Like Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes: you might think of those brown, rectangular boxes used to ship paper and documents to other businesses, or those boxes used to handle fragile items. Although they may seem old-fashioned to business owners, customers love them for several reasons, especially when compared to alternative packaging like plastic, styrofoam, or paper wrappings. Corrugated boxes are stronger, more versatile for both businesses and consumers, easier to store, more professional-looking, and more environmentally-friendly. The quality of corrugated boxes also matters, which is why at Brown Packaging, we only manufacture the highest-quality corrugated boxes for your business and consumer needs.


1. Corrugated Boxes are Stronger

Corrugated boxes are simply stronger than any other form of affordable packaging. You can drop them, spill water on them, or perforate the sides and they will still protect their contents. This is why many companies use corrugated boxes to ship everything from fragile wine glasses to copy paper, to picture frames, and everything in between. If you want to ensure your products reach clients without being ruined by weather or a mailman accidentally dropping it, use corrugated boxes for peace of mind and a happy customer.

2. Corrugated Boxed are Versatile

Corrugated boxes have many uses, and not just for businesses. Consumers like corrugated boxes because they can use and re-use them for many different things like clothes storage to simply disguising that next anniversary gift to surprise their spouse. Unlike plastic packaging, for example, which crinkles and tears easily, making it useless to re-use. Families like corrugated boxes too, as children use them to create box forts and imaginary space ships. You can’t do that with shrink-wrap!

3. Corrugated Boxes are Easier to Store

Corrugated boxes come in all shapes and sizes. They can be one piece of cardboard folded together, have one lid, two lids, etc. Due to the many different types of corrugated boxes, as well as the uniform size of each different type, corrugated boxes are a great way for business owners and consumers to store them when not in use. They are easier to store, both for businesses and consumers, because they can be flattened and re-assembled when needed. Even in their assembled shape, corrugated boxes can be fit inside one another or stacked neatly in a company warehouse or customer’s basement. The possibilities are endless.

4. Corrugated Boxes Look Professional

Plastic wrap makes your products look creased. Styrofoam packaging can leave bits of styrofoam on your product. Wrapping your products in paper or worse, newspaper, makes it seem like you operate an open-air fish market. Corrugated boxes, however, retain a crisp, professional look that will never tarnish your product. The product a customer receives looks exactly like the product they ordered, every time.

5. Corrugated Boxes are Environmentally-Friendly

Corrugated boxes are more environmentally-friendly than alternative forms of packaging. Plastic may or may not break down in landfills, styrofoam definitely does not, and paper wrappings are often not disposed of properly. While it may seem like corrugated boxes, due to their relatively- large size and shape will have a harder time decomposing, the opposite is true. Cardboard breaks down extremely well and many animals eat and use it for shelter. Using corrugated boxes for your business is a win for the environment.

Using corrugated boxes to package your products and ship them to consumers is a great business practice. Products are safer, arrive undamaged, and consumers like them for their durability, alternative uses, and positive environmental impact. When choosing a corrugated box supplier, choose Brown Packaging, located in Burlington, Ontario. We service the Golden Horseshoe area and throughout the GTA, providing our clients with high-quality corrugated boxes for their business needs. For more information, please visit our website, or call us at 1 (905) 335-4225.