5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Corrugated Containers

Most established businesses like Apple or Amazon use corrugated containers when shipping products to your door. As a business owner, you should do the same for your customers. Boxes are more versatile, more durable, more cost-effective, more convenient, and available to ship worldwide, unlike other forms of packaging. Brown Packaging, a packaging company specializing in manufacturing corrugated containers can ensure your products are shipped to your clients with the peace of mind and security that your products are not damaged on arrival. It is our interest to ensure your products are shipped as envisioned by customers to their doors. Here are five reasons why corrugated containers are the best packaging for your company.


1. You Can Ship a Variety of Products

Corrugated containers come in all shapes and sizes. Many of them have securely-fitted lids, some even have two! You can create specialized corrugated containers depending on the unique shape, weight, and design of your products to ensure a personalized shipping experience for both you and your customer. Whether you are shipping t-shirts, stock copy paper, or electronics, we have corrugated containers to meet your needs. You are limited only by your imagination!

2. Corrugated Containers are More Durable

Many companies that ship products often need packaging that will protect their products. It would be tragic if your wine glasses broke while in transit to your customer. Corrugated containers can prevent this and other disastrous scenarios, allowing customers to have peace of mind when receiving your products. Corrugated containers can be ordered in various widths, sizes and strengths, allowing you to customize your packaging to meet your product shipping needs.

3. Corrugated Containers are Cost-Effective

Corrugated containers are more economical for shipping purposes. They can be bought in bulk, used and re-used, and hold their value far more than other forms of packaging like bubble wrap or plastic. Bubble wrap, for instance, can only be used once before the bubble pops. Plastic can be damaged by the heat or lose its shape or durability if not properly cared for. Corrugated boxes, on the other hand, are less work-intensive to store and ship, allowing business owners to rest assured their packaging needs are met without having to repurchase spoiled packaging inventory.

4. Corrugated Containers are Convenient to Store

While corrugated containers can come in many shapes and sizes, they can also be ordered in standard sizes or ordered in bulk. For instance, a stationary store may want to stock up on letter-sized corrugated boxes around the holidays when their customers are sending letters with small packages to family overseas. These boxes can be easily stocked on a shelf without much hassle of finding storage space. Even with larger corrugated containers, due to their uniformity, they are easier to store or stack. Small and medium-sized businesses also benefit from using corrugated containers because their storage space is limited.

5. Corrugated Containers Are Easier to Ship

Corrugated containers are a standard form of packaging the world over. Every type of business from nationalized postal services to Amazon to the mom-and-pop store down the street use corrugated containers for the benefits they provide. As such, it is easier to find, use, and ship corrugated containers around the world, where standardization brings familiarity to the shipping process in a way styrofoam or bubble wrap may not.

Brown Packaging is a top-quality manufacturer of corrugated containers located in Burlington, Ontario.  We are an industry leader and have helped many business owners ship their products around the world. For more information, please visit our website or contact us by telephone at 1 (905) 335-4225.