5 Types of Corrugated Containers That Will Make Shipping Easy

Shipping is a daunting task and something that some people struggle to do properly. They frequently are at a loss and don’t know what corrugated containers to use for their products. You aren’t alone, in fact, this is a common problem that many people share. Brown Packaging is here to help you find the right corrugated containers for your products and to ensure that they survive the arduous shipping process. There is nothing worse than hearing your products arrived damaged because of a flaw in your corrugated containers. This month’s blog post will discuss seven different types of corrugated containers that will help you conquer shipping once and for all.


Easy-Fold Mailers

This is a great corrugated container to use when you are shipping books, DVDs, and other objects that are long, but not thick. There are several different types of easy-fold mailers and they come in various sizes. When using a mailer, ensure that your product fits perfectly, and if it doesn’t, pad the box with stuffing, bubble wrap, or kraft paper. Never ship your products loose, this will increase their risk of sustaining damage during the shipping process.

Tab-Lock Mailers

A very simple box that is similar to an easy-fold mailer. Instead of taping this box at the top, you simply click the tabs in at the end and reinforce it with tape. Ship your products the same way you would using an easy-fold mailer. Once again, these boxes excel with books, DVDs, and other long, but thin items.

Wine Shippers

Do you ship glassware or glass bottles? When selling products in these categories, breakage is another part of the business. It often can’t be avoided, but you can take several steps to try and reduce breakage and it starts by using the right corrugated containers. When packing bottles, it is a smart idea to pad them with corrugated stuffing that will reinforce the product against the edges of the box. For example, think about wine bottles and how they are shipped to the LCBO. They come in giant segregated boxes where each bottle has its own section.

Another popular type of shipping method for bottles is to pack them in Styrofoam wine shippers and load that inside of your corrugated containers. This adds an additional layer of protection that will prevent unwanted breakage.

Multi-Depth Boxes

For boxes that will contain a lot of products, multi-depth corrugated containers are your best choice. They are well designed and capable of carrying heavy loads without bursting and tearing. When packing these corrugated containers, tightly pack all of your products and cut down on wasted space as much as possible. Any space that you can’t fill, stuff with padding, bubble wrap, or kraft paper.

Insulated Boxes

If you are shipping food items or anything that needs that extra little bit of padding, insulated boxes are a great choice. They will keep your items at the right temperature and the Styrofoam insert will protect them from being banged around during the shipping process. You can also purchase cold bricks to keep your item insulated and ensure that your product keeps at the right temperature.

Brown Packaging specializes in corrugated containers. We have been working in the industry for decades and we are dedicated to helping business owners find ways to ship their products with minimal hassle. We are located in Burlington, Ontario, but we offer our products and services to clients in the Golden Horseshoe and throughout the GTA. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us today through our website. We would be more than happy to help you out.