A Look at Packaging and Design Gone Wrong

For every beautiful example of packaging and design, there exists an equally grotesque version. The goal of a packaging and design manufacturer is to avoid creating a monstrosity. However, sometimes a packaging and design manufacturer overdesigns a project and it results in a spectacular failure. Brown Packaging is a well-known packaging and design manufacturer and we are here to help you design an identity for your product.

The biggest mistake that companies make when dabbling in packaging and design is their need to try and sell their product to their consumers. However, consumers don’t want to be talked at, they want to be talked with. There is a big difference between standing up on a table and shouting and telling people to buy your product and sitting down with them one-on-one and discussing their needs and listening to them. Both practices seek to sell the product, but one is more effective than the other. Successful packaging and design will take the time to talk and interact with a customer, not talk at them like they are unimportant.

Another major packaging and design failure is the problem of over designing a product. Companies want to ensure that their message is heard, but in the process they fall victim to information overload. Their packaging and design will contain too many colors, pictures, blocks of text, and more. Consumers don’t want to be blasted with too much information; they want their packaging and design to cut to the point and to engage with them.

If you have any questions about the packaging and design process, Brown Packaging is here to help. As a packaging and design manufacturer, we offer our packaging and design expertise to clients in Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe, throughout the GTA, and all of Ontario.