A Point of Purchase Display Can Promote Your Product and Increase Brand Awareness and Product Recognition

Brown Packaging is an expert packaging and design firm specializing in point of purchase displays, as well as other forms of marketing displays.  In today’s global market, advertising has entered an era in which it is extremely difficult for businesses to persuade savvy consumers to purchase their products.  Enter the point of purchase display.  Basic in design and concept, it is used purely to capture the attention of consumers at the most critical time in their purchasing decision, which is often at the checkout.   A well-placed, well-designed point of purchase display can not only sell products, but can increase brand recognition and awareness, therefore driving sales and profits up.  Our expert team at Brown Packaging can work with you to develop the best point of purchase display for your products.

When designing a point of purchase display, it is important to use bold images and colours to ensure your display stands out.  Adding product instructions to your display can also be helpful to consumers.  Whether you are advertising an everyday product or a seasonal or sale item, the point of purchase display puts your product front and centre for consumers to see when they are making their final purchasing decisions.  It is also important to note that personalizing your point of purchase display will make it even more effective.  Our specialists at Brown Packaging have ideas for customized, effective displays that promote your products and brand.

Brown Packaging offers several different types of point of purchase displays.  From pallet displays to counter displays and floor displays, there is a type of point of purchase display that will work for your company and product.  Our knowledgeable team will help assess your display requirements and strive to exceed your expectations in terms of quality, service and value.   

Brown Packaging is an industry leading packaging and design firm specializing in custom and standard point of purchase displays to help increase sales and product recognition.  We proudly serve our valued customers in Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe, the GTA and across Ontario.