A Point of Purchase Display Manufacturer Can Help You Effectively Market Your Products and Brand

Point of Purchase Displays (POP) are highly effective marketing tools to showcase any product, including promotional items, seasonal products or sale products.  POP displays are so effective due to their design, placement and appeal.  At Brown Packaging, we specialize in creating custom POP displays for your products that will highlight the product and can even build brand awareness.  We focus on the size, shape and colour of the POP displays, always ensuring they are constructed using eco-friendly, recyclable materials. 
At Brown Packaging, our experienced design team can work with you to determine the best design for a POP display for your products.  Our team will strive to exceed your expectations in terms of quality, design, customer service and value.

POP displays are effective tools for a few reasons.  Placement of the display is imperative since influencing a customer’s final purchasing decisions at a critical time (most often near the checkout is one of the most important features of a POP display.  Drawing the customer’s attention to the display with colour, logos and different shapes is also an advantage of a POP display.  Once a customer notices the display, brand recognition begins and your logo is committed to memory if designed and displayed appropriately.  Building brand recognition is one of the best ways to positively affect your company’s bottom line.  Finally, it is important to consider how to influence customers to take a product from the point of purchase display. Content of your POP display can include an advertising campaign that your company is implementing, detailed information about the product or some words that influence customers’ purchasing decisions.   Well-designed, well-placed POP displays are a very effective way to sell products and increase sales as well as build brand recognition.

Brown Packaging is a design and packaging company. We offer various services including POP display manufacturing that aim to increase your product sales and help your marketing strategy.  We have been serving companies in Burlington, the GTA, the Golden Horseshoe and throughout Ontario for over 40 years.