A Story Conveyed by Successful POP Displays

Manufacturers seeking to be successful on the retail floor recognize that POP displays are vital tools not to be overlooked. With the increasing popularity of online purchasing, today’s consumer shopping climate lends itself to declining sales support at the store level, therefore physical retailers are often interested in manufacturers’ point of purchase programs and anything that stimulates traffic in their stores. Effective in-store programs that include merchandise display units present a story to consumers without the requirement of any assistance from a salesperson. In a retail environment where there may be a lack of available presence of store staff on the floor, merchandising tools such as these prove most beneficial at captivating consumer interest. Clearly and effectively communicating your message in a timely manner can solidify the decision to purchase without the assistance of any personnel.

Merchandising without Retail Assistance

In some big box stores, such as Home Depot or Best Buy, several salespeople are available on the retail floor, and most of them will have been product line trained by manufacturer sales programs. Often the items offered for sale are higher priced requiring additional information and assistance before purchasing decisions can be made. Retailers are often concerned with labour costs and overages, and these days the majority of store staff is evident primarily at checkout areas and stocking product. Product knowledge and brand education is jeopardized in the marketplace thus limiting the robust information available to the consumer. For this reason product packaging and merchandising must pick up the slack to inform the consumer and drive purchase. Being a successful point of purchase display manufacturer for almost four decades, our design team at Brown Packaging has the ability to ensure your merchandising can stand alone to clearly communicate your message and efficiently inform consumers of your product without the need for any assistance.

Display Speaks For Itself

When no one is available on the retail floor to answer questions, hopefully your packaging and merchandising will offer enough information to provoke consumer confidence of purchase. Our talented design team knows that select impact words and clear graphics can go a long way to successfully communicate necessary product information. Consumer purchasing decisions are actually made in mere seconds, so you must be right on point with your creativity. Without the assistance of any store staff your point of purchase display should be able to speak well for itself. Additional product info can be offered on the display by way of brochures or pamphlets, even coupons and rebates can be utilized to further entice purchase. You don’t need an in-house creative department to enjoy the plethora of marketing insight and resourceful innovation our team at Brown Packaging provides you.

Incorporating Engagement

Point of purchase displays can even be outfitted with digital media to offer additional product information vital to stimulating sales without the assistance of any salespeople. Simple electronic devices are easily incorporated into the structural design of your corrugated merchandising units which can facilitate robust communications to the consumer. Even interactive elements can be employed to enhance the experience giving shoppers the opportunity to obtain product information on demand. These days we enjoy a great deal more innovation and flexibility in creating corrugated merchandising solutions that go beyond conventional expectations. Retailers appreciate any in-store marketing programs that engage shoppers with interactive elements in point of purchase units because the longer consumers remain within a store environment the more money they tend to spend.

Our Products Work for the Success of Yours

Whether you’ve been in the game for decades or just starting out in the marketplace, you most certainly require innovative retail merchandising solutions that only seasoned professionals can create to ensure you stand out among the competition. It only takes mere seconds for consumers to solidify a decision to buy, so it’s essential to make an effective impact with your packaging and merchandising. If you’re interested in making a real impact, consider the best corrugated retail solutions team in Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe, the GTA, and across Ontario. Take a look at our work here and give Brown Packaging a call today.