A Time for Corrugated Boxes

In the lifespan of every business, regardless of the industry or marketplace, there comes a time to address the issue of boxes. To package, ship, store or move, boxes become a vital operational necessity, and the most cost effective, best value for all uses is found in corrugated boxes. Corrugate offers a great deal of flexibility in design, construction and cost effectiveness. At Brown Packaging we have been designing and creating corrugated products for almost four decades now, and the one thing we’ve learned about our business is that our customer’s success and satisfaction is truly ours.

Boxes Of Value

Many times boxes get overlooked as an important aspect of business, until factors such as cost, weight, design and durability come into play. Over the years we have been able to perfect our manufacturing process and streamline production practices with the use of new technology and mechanized innovation. Always environmentally conscious of our business performance, at Brown Packaging we extend best value and competitive pricing to all our customers, whether orders are for our standard off-the-shelf boxes or fully customized creations. We ensure our products are competitively priced at fair market value for the optimal quality of the products we provide.

Strength in Construction

Assurance of construction is vital to our business as we pride ourselves on providing customers with peace of mind that their boxes can far outlive their initial intended usage. The corrugated fiberboard we utilize in the construction of our boxes allows for a sturdy, strong product. We don’t settle for anything but the best raw materials to ensure solid structural results. Our customers continuously rely on our high standards of design and construction. If you’re interested in learning more about the components and construction of corrugate, there’s a good page on our website where we have provided descriptive details about our corrugated boxes.

Boxes Denote Status

Image is everything in business, and our customers appreciate the awesome talent and innovation our designers possess. Structurally, Brown Packaging designers have the proven ability to engineer corrugate into practically any shape and size, so if you’re in need for an unusually shaped corrugated product we’ve got the ability to bring it to fruition for you. Graphically, our design team is top notch with imaging, generating effective creativity that can make an impactful statement for your business in the marketplace. As your products and contents are on the move, traveling from packaging facility to end user, your custom designed Brown Packaging corrugated boxes are continuously making a statement for your brand. Imagine your boxes’ message ability to permeate the subconscious mind while in transit. A perfectly placed logo, a brand statement or tag line, the usage of effective print colours and graphics, all of the image elements create an immeasurable impact for your business reputation and success.

Ontario’s Finest Solutions Provider

Are you a business operating in the GTA, Burlington or the Golden Horseshoe? Consider taking a look at Brown Packaging as your ‘Go To’ supplier of corrugated boxes. Beyond just boxes, we are a successful one-stop-shop provider offering full design, packaging and merchandising solutions for your business. Producing optimal quality corrugated products at best value pricing, we pride ourselves on our customer success and satisfaction. Contact us today to discover why Brown Packaging is a popular best solutions provider in Ontario.