Advertise Your Business through Your Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are an easy way to advertise your business, all the time, without a lot of effort. When you ship your product via corrugated boxes, the image of your company travels with the product. When your package changes hands, people see your logo. Brown Packaging is ready to help you design corrugated boxes that are durable and capable of promoting your brand everywhere your products go.

Let us analyze corrugated boxes from Amazon. They are an industry leading retail and shipping giant. However, the corrugated boxes that they use are surprisingly effective and highly recognizable. Plastered on all sides of the box, is the Amazon logo and branding. The tape that holds the box together is Amazon branded tape. All of their corrugated boxes serve two purposes. They deliver a product safely and they help advertise the company. Regardless of what business you are working in, a products reputation begins in the shipping cycle. If your products arrive damaged or compromised, consumers will blame the product, regardless of whose fault it was.
Now, consider eBay. The popular auction ecommerce website is dominated by individual sellers. When you order items from these sellers, they package them in plain corrugated boxes, often poorly packed by the amateurs who sold them. No branding exists, they are boring, lifeless, and they quickly make it to the recycling bin.

In the shipping industry, branding is as important as the item in the box. Consumers trust their brands to design high quality products, starting from the box that contained them. Thus, corrugated boxes are important, their design is crucial, and their durability is paramount. Never sacrifice the quality of your corrugated boxes.

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