Affordable Printing on Corrugated Boxes

You may be quite surprised to discover how affordable printing on your corrugated boxes can be. If you’re packaging and shipping products to retail environments, your boxes are going to be seen by a plethora of people from the point at which they’re packed to well beyond their initial intended usage. Seeing the value in this arena of impression potential is a forward thinking aspect of business that large corporations understand and utilize on a consistent basis. Many of our customers, big and small, are taking advantage of the impact printed shipping boxes have on their business.

Small Business Impressions

Impressions that printing generates is especially good for small businesses. As with large corporations that pride themselves on branding at every chance impressionable, printed boxes for shipping products looks professional and makes a statement in the marketplace. Beyond a simple logo and company name, boxes can be utilized to deliver messages to eyeballs as products are on the move and repeatedly handled. Visible in transit and on the retail floor, boxes effectively provide communications to short attention spans thus seeping into the purchasing subconscious. Affordable printing allows smaller businesses the opportunity to take advantage of what big companies hold as standard practice. Visit our website or contact us today to discover the many affordable printing options available to you.      

Refresh Your Message

For businesses currently printing on their corrugated boxes, a refresh of communications may be sought. Re-drawing attention to your boxes by printing quarterly messages attracts eyeballs accustom to seeing your standard printing. In addition to your corporate logo and company name, other message potential awaits you on your shipping boxes. An image of the product contained within the box, a brand tag line, industry awards and accolades, celebrations of corporate milestones are but some of the additional printing options available to stimulate a double take of eyeballs as your goods are in transit to retail merchandising. Even though your boxes may be repeatedly seen out in the world, slight changes and refreshments to your printing will illicit a visual response thus impressing on the subconscious mind. Keeping it fresh by switching it up a few times a year will have your printed boxes working more effectively for your business than even measurable.  

The Afterlife of Boxes

Boxes get reused, a lot. This means your printed communications will far outlast the initial intended usage of your company’s corrugated boxes. Of course many boxes do get broken down and recycled after the items contained within have been shelved for sale, however, just as many find themselves with an afterlife in the hands of consumers. Some grocery stores that charge for plastic bags and big box retail establishments that don’t provide any at all often have a big bin in the checkout area filled with empty boxes available for shoppers to pack up their purchases. These boxes will thus be recycled and/or reused by consumers therefore extending the life of your printed communications. There’s expanded life in your messaging right there, on going, continuing to create impressions beyond just moving your product.

Communicate Well Wishes

Consider communicating a message of well wishes during the holiday season by utilizing the effectiveness of printing on your boxes. Let your customers, retailers, shipping handlers and consumers know that your business appreciates theirs by extending seasonal greetings on your corrugated boxes. We offer cost effective printing options that affordably allows you to convey well wishes on a grand scale. You’d be surprised how many smiles your printed salutation has the power to ignite. And on that note, we at Brown Packaging wish you, your family and your business a happy, healthy and prosperous holiday season. We appreciate all of our customers and thank you kindly for your generous business over the past four decades.

Brown Packaging on Your Team

If you’re operating a business in Burlington, the GTA, the Golden Horseshoe and across Ontario, give us a call to discuss printing options on your corrugated boxes. We easily offer large and small runs of custom printed orders delivered in a timely fashion. Our talented graphic designers encompass the innovative ability to make your communications stand out as your products are on the move and your boxes experience a variety of afterlives. Get your boxes working more effectively for you with Brown Packaging on your team.