Almost Forty Years of Corrugated Containers

Since 1979 we’ve sold a countless number of boxes, many of them large corrugated containers, and the main thing we’ve learned over our many successful years of business in Ontario… we make exceptional products that fulfill our customer needs and even exceed their expectations. Each year we stay abreast of the latest in technology, production innovation, green initiative manufacturing processes, distribution systems and customer service practices. We strive daily to maintain the complete satisfaction on all customer orders by providing high quality, competitively priced corrugated business solutions for multiple industries.

Strong Corrugated Moving Containers

Transport moving businesses and van line companies enjoy the durability of our containers and boxes. The raw and recycled materials we use at Brown Packaging are of optimal quality ensuring strength of liner board to facilitate heavy weight loads. Our manufacturing facilities and innovative processes coupled with our structural design allow us to produce product with the vigor to withstand multiple heavy handling activity. Our customers trust that their goods packed in our containers reach their final destination intact as originally packed.

Containers for Big Product Packaging

Manufacturers of large items, household and industrial, appreciate our cost effective high quality construction and design of the corrugated containers we produce. Our skilled designers create sturdy industrial and product packaging to ensure all components and parts are secure and well braced within the specifically designed corrugated housing. This high level of structural design detail allows for the vigorous activity of extensive shipping and handling during transportation. Producers of large items such as indoor/outdoor home furnishings and hardware, big toys and electronics, recreational and sporting goods, etc. value our cost effective large format printing capabilities. We’re able to create any type of large scale container design and print or affix graphics to ensure your product packaging requirements are met to your vision.

Industrial Packaging of Large Parts

Many large machine parts, components and industrial tools have all found themselves packed inside our corrugated containers. Our products are popular and reliable thanks to our custom industrial packaging and structural design. Corrugate is great to work with and not just due to its’ competitive affordability. Our well experienced Brown Packaging team has been working with it for almost forty years now and we’ve all discovered how creatively and soundly flexible corrugate linerboard can be. Have a look at our website to see for yourself and contact us today to see how our products can be of valued service to your business.

Shipping Cargo in Corrugated Containers

Freight shipping is contingent to dimensions including the weight of materials, which makes corrugated containers a perfect choice for shipping goods and storing large items. Other crate construction materials such as wood or metal add to overall weight loads which can have an impact on aspects such as shipping costs. Containers produced of robust corrugate liner board offer a cost effective solution with solid reliable construction to secure required weight loads at an affordable price point. More businesses in various industries are favoring corrugated shipping containers for overseas shipping and transportation of their goods. 

Warehousing and Storage with Corrugated Containers

Our corrugated products have been used for all types of warehousing and long term storage. From antiques and collectibles to loads of files and documents, customers appreciate that their stored items are secure and well housed in our products. We use the most durable linerboard which allows for our boxes to remain in good condition to protect internal contents for several years. You can select from a wide variety of sizes and designs in stock or have us custom design the perfect container and housing components to suit your unique requirements.

Goal Achievement

Our customers demand no less than high value, integrity and strength of the product we provide them to secure their goods while in storage or en route to end user. If you’re doing business in the GTA, Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe and across Ontario, contact us with your requirements for top value corrugated boxes and containers. We have the ability, skill and experience to provide your business with cost effective solutions that will satisfy your successful goal achievement.