Analyzing Packaging and Design, Part 1: McDonalds

If you were to show a stranger on the street the iconic McDonald’s golden arches logo and ask them to identify the company behind it, they would most likely respond with McDonald’s. The fast food giant has worked hard over the years to reinvent its packaging and design in order to appear more modern and less dated. Their packaging and design initiatives have extended to the physical containers that their food is served in and to the modernization of their restaurants.

McDonald’s packaging and design is based on a model of systematic categorization and simplicity. Every product they serve has a basic color code. For example, the Filet-O-Fish comes in blue, the iconic Big Mac in red, their chicken nuggets in purple, the Quarter Pounder in yellow, the Angus in brown, and their healthier options in green. By color coding their menu choices, customers have become familiar with their packaging and design, which creates a sense of sensory stimulation that is triggered by those colors when they are viewed in context with the restaurant.

The packaging and design is more than just colors. In recent years, McDonald’s has worked hard to impress their consumers with health statistics and a sense of healthiness. Whether true or not, McDonald’s packaging and design contains high quality looking versions of their food items with basic messages that work to convince the consumer that they are eating something healthy. This is all part of McDonald’s initiative to change consumer opinion about the unhealthiness of their menu.

Finally, the iconic McDonald’s fry box utilizes a minimalist style. The background is red and the iconic golden arches logo is featured on the front. McDonald’s is known for their French fries and they have no need to innovate their fry box as it has become a cult classic in the fast food industry.

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