Analyzing Packaging and Design, Part 1: Starbucks

If you live in the twenty-first century, you are likely familiar with Starbucks. The company is a coffee powerhouse and they have an established brand that is rooted in their iconic packaging and design. What makes the Starbucks logo and packaging and design so effective? How can you achieve their level of success? It starts with hiring a professional packaging and design manufacturer, like Brown Packaging, to innovate your packaging and design.

Starting with our assessment of Starbuck’s packaging and design, the company’s patented Starbuck’s Siren is welcoming. Whether you understand the lore behind a sea siren, or not, the imagery is welcoming, and invites a customer to come into a store and to enjoy one of the company’s handcrafted beverages. The company’s packaging and design makes effective use of white and green. Combined, the two colors are sharp and provide a professional look that is warm and wholesome.

Starbucks doesn’t need complicated packaging and design. In fact, they frequently work with a minimalist style, using wavy patterns, basic text, and the company’s branding. Their default cups offer the customization options and the company’s name and colors. Their glass bottles feature three brown wavy lines, the classic siren, and the products name.

Starbucks doesn’t need to prove anything to consumers through their packaging and design. Most adults know about the company, which means that the company can continue evolving their flavors and not their design. Starbucks is an established name and they are a successful company that understands how to effectively market their brand and image.

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