Analyzing Packaging and Design, Part 2: Coca Cola

Sugar and water, the recipe is well known, has been copied many times, but no company has the same level of authority that Coca Cola has in the beverage industry. Why is Coca Cola’s packaging and design so effective? Brown Packaging is a packaging and design manufacturer and we are here to help our clients understand the basics behind packaging and design.

Coca Cola is an old company and their packaging and design has changed a lot over the years. Noisy labels are out and this is something that the company identified when they redesigned their label in the 1980s.  Coca Cola has always maintained the cursive writing font and the red theme. The current Coca Cola design functions through bright red cans that are tied together with wavy white font and shapes. The font, color, and shapes command the customer’s attention more effectively than their competition.

In addition, the company has a timeless tradition that they can tap into any time to bring about a sense of nostalgia. In recent years, Coca Cola revived the classic glass bottle packaging and design. The glass bottle wasn’t a revolutionary idea in 2000s, but it made consumers remember the better and simpler days of the past, when a person could pop off the cap and enjoy a cold bottle of Coca Cola.

The company has always been successful in advertising its packaging and design because it is working with an established brand that has memorable colors and attributes. This level of identification gives any Coca Cola product a head start in the market place as their packaging and design has access to branded intellectual property.

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