Analyzing Packaging and Design, Part 4: Samsung Phones

When you purchase a new phone, the simplicity and sophistication of the packaging and design is one of the first things you likely notice. Both Samsung and Apple spend an unfathomable amount on their packaging and design, all in an effort to stay ahead in an industry that salivates over the next best gadget. Brown Packaging is here to help you understand what makes these companies so successful.

Why is Samsung’s packaging and design so effective? Using the packaging and design of the Samsung Galaxy series of phones, Samsung has opted for a minimalist approach. You hear us toss this term around in almost every analysis of modern marketing and packaging and design, and this is due to the fact that it is one of the most popular design styles at the moment. The Galaxy packaging comes in a basic black, brown, or white. In fancy text is the company’s name and the product line. There isn’t a huge description of the phone, just pure simplicity. Once opened, the phone immediately greets you and all of its other components, like the charger, manual, warranty, and other items are tucked underneath, out of sight.

Like most industries that rely on aesthetics, the packaging and design has to add to the overall value of the item. If you look at Apple’s packaging and design and compare it to that of Samsung, there isn’t a massive difference. What the company is trying to achieve is the notion that there product is the perfect device that is capable of accomplishing all of your needs. In addition, there is no clear explanation that the phone is an Android device. ┬áSamsung doesn’t need to actively advertise the features of the phone because they assume that users know the basics about their products or that they don’t care enough and only want to have the latest smartphone. Samsung and most of the tech industry thrive on producing the next best device and consumers add to this phenomena when they make purchases.

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