Analyzing Packaging and Design, Part 5: The Nike Swoosh

Nike is a global company that is easily recognizable by their famous Swoosh logo. What makes Nike’s packaging and design so effective? Their brand is considered by many to be a high quality sports brand and they are dominant in their advertising efforts. Brown Packaging is a packaging and design manufacturer and in this month’s blog post we will discuss Nike’s packaging and design.

The Development of the Swoosh

Nike’s packaging and design has been a work in progress for many years. They have innovated their packaging over the years, but they have always maintained a simplistic approach that has been greatly aided by the Swoosh logo.

The Swoosh logo was created in 1971 by Carolyn Davidson. She was a graphic design student at Portland State University. While studying, she met with Phil Knight and began to do freelance work for his new company, Blue Ribbon Sports. The two met several times and Knight asked Davidson to produce him a logo. After several sketches, Knight chose the Swoosh and the rest became history. The Swoosh design was sold to Nike for $35 ($206 today). However, in 1983, Knight gave Davidson shares in Nike and a Swoosh ring with an embedded diamond to demonstrate his gratitude.

Nike Packaging and Design

Nike strives to maintain a sense of importance and modernity. Their packaging and design are catered towards the active and sporty crowd. They tend to use warm colors like orange, browns, blacks, and different versions of white. In recent times, they have heavily focused on orange backgrounds. Their boxes focus on a minimalist style that showcase important features of a specific shoe, the Nike Swoosh, and basic color patterns.

Still, this doesn’t mean that Nike isn’t opposed to thinking outside of the box. A recent packaging design for Nike’s Air line of shoes featured a box that was completely transparent and inflated with air. Consumers were able to see the shoe directly without opening the box and the air cushioned bubble pack was a clever play on the Air line of shoes.

Nike’s packaging and design is greatly aided by the company’s marketing and product design teams. Rather than employing complicated names for their shoe lines, they name their shoes after specific purposes or athletes. For example, the most famous line of Nike shows is the Air Jordan line. If you are looking for a running shoe that offers maximum freedom, the Nike Free is the shoe for you. The Nike Lunar line is a comfortable training shoe that plays on the world lunar, suggesting that the shoe is light and floats on the ground. Innovative product lines help market a products packaging and design.

Nike understands the importance of simplicity and nothing showcases this more than their logo. Tying together minimalism of their logo, Nike packaging is focused on showcasing the product and highlighting the usefulness of it for its specific applications. A Nike running shoe will always showcase its lightness, comfort, and attractive colors. Once a consumer becomes addicted to the idea that a running shoe will enhance their overall performance, price will no longer be an issue. Nike markets their products to this crowd and it is the reason why their brand has survived the test of time.

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