Analyzing Packaging and Design, Part 8: Athleticism and Under Armour

If you are familiar with athletic apparel, you have probably heard of Under Armour. The company was founded in 1996 and began to take off in the mid-2000s. Originally, they focused heavily on sports gear, like under shirts, under garments, and shoes. Now, the company is branching out into every aspect of the apparel industry and they are working hard to shave away Nike’s market share. In this month’s blog post, Brown Packaging will take a look at the packaging and design and logo of Under Armour and how it has helped the brand grow into an apparel supergiant.


Under Armour Packaging and Design

Under armor doesn’t try to wow their customers with their packaging and design. In fact, a typical shoe box by the company features a straight black background, and a white or brown Under Armour logo. Some of their more innovative packaging and design will feature product details and fitness statistics to show how their gear is specifically designed to increase but performance, but on the whole, they rely on simple packaging and design and let their products speak for themselves.

Certain companies have an obsession with creating products that are accompanied by overcomplicated packaging and design. While a unique packaging and design concept will help you win over consumers in certain situations, consumers are more interested in a product that is functional and capable of servicing their needs. This is where Under Armour understands their market. When they started with high performance sport apparel, they focused on manufacturing clothing that was sweat resistant and light. They branded their sport apparel on the concept that it was light and increased an athlete’s performance. Some of the early gear by Under Armour was incredibly expensive.

As the brand has become more mainstream, their prices have stabilized and the company has shifted their target market and are now working hard to compete with Nike and to steal their market share. While the quality of their clothing has declined, they are now producing affordable clothing and actively targeting the casualwear market. This, accompanied with their to-the-point packaging and design has helped the brand grow immensely and has cemented their future as a dominant apparel company.

The Logo

The Under Armour logo is another case of a simple, but effective logo. It is symmetrical, easy on the eyes, and extremely recognizable. Brand awareness is a major part of a company and it is something that Under Armour has worked hard to develop through their products and packaging and design.

Moving Forward

One of the biggest advantages Under Armour has is the fact that they have already cemented the North American market. They have secured stable revenues and will continue to penetrate new international markets with their in-demand athletic and casual apparel. The simplicity of their packaging and design will allow them to grow at a pace that they can support. Packaging and design is a major hurdle for most companies, but it is something that Under Armour has successfully conquered and are using to their advantage in the marketplace. Financially, the company’s stock is performing well. The stock has grown from $20 in 2011 to over $100 today.

The Importance of Packaging and Design

All major companies that sell physical products will require some form of packaging and design. This is inevitable. Brown Packaging is a packaging and design manufacturer that is located in Burlington, Ontario. We are ready to help you come up with high quality packaging and design concepts. We serve the Golden Horseshoe, the GTA, and all of Canada. If you have any questions about our products or services, please feel free to contact us through our website for more information.