Avoid Rough Seas: Invest in Reliable Corrugated Containers

Brown Packaging has been around for over 30 years. We have provided corrugated containers to businesses throughout the GTA. When you ship a package overseas, you are putting faith in the company which you choose to ship with. Minimize the risk by purchasing reliable corrugated containers. Naturally, you want your package to arrive undamaged and this is what we want as well. Damaged products are harmful to your reputation and to ours as well. Our goal is to eliminate that possibility from the start by providing high quality boxes.

Things to Know When Shipping with Corrugated Containers

There are many rules and regulations that you should follow in order to protect your valuables. Even the highest quality corrugated containers are susceptible to international law. If you are shipping items internationally, they will pass through customs. Boxes may be opened as they check to make sure that the contents are legal and approved. Low quality corrugated containers may break when opened or the integrity of the box will be compromised when it is resealed. It is important that you purchase durable boxes that can sustain extended travel and meddling hands.

Through the process of shipping, your corrugated containers will change hands many times and the individuals who handle your boxes will not always be gentle. It is suggested that you purchase insurance for your products in the event that something is damaged or stolen. Lastly, only ship items that are legal. International law is tricky and it is not worth the headache that it will cause you if you are accused of shipping illegal goods. Always do your research before shipping a product internationally.

Brown Packaging provides corrugated containers that will survive the rough overseas shipping process. Our company is located in Burlington, Ontario. We have over 30 years of experience in which we have helped businesses throughout the GTA and the Golden Horse Shoe solve all of their shipping dilemmas.