Buck the Trend This Winter Season with Unique Packaging and Design

As a business owner, you most likely are prepared for this holiday season, and the shopping extravaganza that comes with it, by decorating your shop with holiday themed decorations. You may even have holiday-themed packaging in red and green, or blue and white, for your wares, to celebrate the season with customers. Of course, it is a necessity to join in on the holiday cheer for your loyal customers who love celebrating the holiday, especially when they purchase gifts for their loved ones.

However, it may be better to stand out this year and try something different. With a little help from a top quality, industry leading packaging and design manufacturer like Brown Packaging, you can create innovative and bold packaging for your inventory, while distancing yourself from your competition. Here are three ways to create your own packaging and design, which will not only advertise your company but also increase the amount of visitors that check out your store this winter.

Use Packaging and Design as Free Advertising Space

No other business owner should dictate how your packaging and design should look, whether they are Apple or Applebee’s. Find your own look and capitalize on it. Customers not only like to see beautifully-covered items, they also want to know more about the businesses they purchase presents from. After all, ethical shopping is on the rise as customers boycott certain stores for a variety of reasons. Customers are are taking increasing interest in the stores they shop at, including yours. By sharing information with them, you will increase their satisfaction and loyalty, knowing that they are supporting local stores and causes.

For instance, if you regularly donate to grassroot initiatives like litter removal or tree planting projects in northern Ontario, you should advertise the extent your donations have helped the environment. You can even include illustrations of Evergreen trees on your packaging, which are very appropriate for the holiday season. In this instance, instead of using drab packaging and design like most of your competitors, you have simultaneously advertised the environmental benefits customers support when they shop at your store, as well as support the holiday season.

Why Packaging and Design Innovation Matters

The possibilities are limitless, as well as the benefits. However, if you use innovative packaging and design rather than simply implement others’ designs, you are more likely to increase your sales revenue this holiday season, via a loyal and strong customer base that supports your business and business culture.

If you are not selling rare, specialty products, your customers have a choice whether or not they will purchase your goods or go to a competitor. By informing them of the indirect benefits of supporting your business with your unique packaging and design, like the aforementioned environmental initiatives, you increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Advertise for Valentine’s Day Early

As a business owner, you are always aware of the next holiday, the next promotion, and the next batch of seasonal merchandise you need to order and sell. It can be frustrating if you cannot sell the entire inventory you need to and have to store it for a year until you can. Therefore, this holiday season, use the opportunity to create new packaging and design to advertise for Valentine’s Day, right now!

It is a radical idea but it can pay off, leading to increased sales revenue and a larger customer base. Like any idea, it is the execution that matters most. For instance, you can advertise a promotion that customers who buy a specific item until December 30th, 2015, will be able to purchase a Valentine’s Day gift at a 10% discount. This way, you not only sell inventory that would otherwise be placed in storage, you also gain a new customer in February. You can keep using the current holiday to promote the next one, which will ensure you keep a loyal customer following year-round.

For more innovative packaging and design tips, or to place an order, contact Brown Packaging today on our website. A leading packaging and design manufacturer, Brown Packaging has helped clients for decades, from Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe, the GTA, and across the province of Ontario.