Choose Corrugated Containers for Large Items to Ship

Shipping products is probably one of the most stressful tasks a small business owner has to do. You have already received the customer’s money. Now, you have to ship the product. However, you cannot personally observe the product while it is in transit. At best, you can receive email notifications and you can track its progress online as the product is transported from one shipping hub to another.

Finally, you cannot see the customer receive the product. You have to take them at their word and, if they say they have not received the product or if they say the product was damaged when they received it, you will need to send a replacement product. While this is obviously not common, it does happen. When designing your packaging and sending products to customers, you should try as hard as possible to streamline and ease this and other business processes.

It should be noted that all these issues can be solved if you do not use shipping but instead require customers to come to your store in order to pick up their products. However, many small businesses and entrepreneurs ship their products so the above example is a daily reality for many small businesses around the world, wherever they are located.

Any time that you ship a product to a customer, you will have to decide how to best ship that product. How will you house the product on its way to its customer? What packaging materials will you use? Will the product be protected from dings and dents if it is sent via post? These are all important questions which every business owner and operator must decide on when determining their products’ packaging during shipping in order to make sure the products get distributed and are received safely by customers.

Luckily for small businesses that deal in large products, like washers and dryers, the choice becomes simple and the solution becomes abundantly clear. Any product that is generally larger than a microwave will be placed in a corrugated container during transport, regardless of the individual packaging that the product has and is housed by.

The Two-in-One Approach

The two-in-one approach is for product manufacturers that want the benefits of corrugated containers, but they also want the advantages of having their own custom packaging for their products. Simply create your product packaging as you want to create it, and then slip it into a corrugated container with a shipping label before transport.

With the addition of bubble wrap or packing peanuts, you can send your product to any country in the world, assured that your product will be kept safe during transport. You will also be ensuring that your customer receives his or her product in its own special packaging once he or she opens the larger container housing it.

The two-in-one approach will work for you if you do not like the idea of switching your product packaging to solely cardboard. This way, you can keep your plastic packaging, or your cardboard box with a view window, and still retaining all the benefits of corrugation.

If you are shipping larger products and you want to keep them safe during transport, you should start using corrugated containers if you have not done so already. For more information about the benefits of corrugation, you should consider visiting Brown Packaging, either online at our website or in-store. We have helped countless entrepreneurs and small business owners in and around Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe, Ontario, and the GTA. We can help you too.