Consider Switching up Your Packaging and Design for the Holidays

Everyone likes holidays. More importantly, everyone likes celebrating holidays. We enjoy celebrating the traditions and cultures of others in our inclusive and diverse society because it brings us all closer as a society when we share experiences and fun together.

The holidays are a great time to come together and celebrate with your customer base. While not all of your customers celebrate the same holidays, and there may even be some holidays that none of your customers celebrate, they still appreciate the effort. People in general also like learning about different cultures and their traditions. For instance, it might be that none of your customers may celebrate Chinese New Year, but they still might like dragon lanterns and fireworks.

By switching up your packaging and design for holidays like these, you can sell more products to customers, regardless of whether these customers personally celebrate specific holidays. There are many simple ways how you can do this without breaking the bank. Here are three ways you can celebrate the holidays by switching up your packaging today.

Purchase Stickers

You can immediately alter your product packaging by simply adding stickers to the boxes. It is as simple as peeling and sticking! There is no costly packaging design renovation to consider either. There is no downtime from having to alter all the products already on the shelves. Customers will not question as to whether the products have changed as a result of the alteration of the products’ packaging (they may think it is a newer version if the packaging is very different). Using stickers is a safe and efficient way to help celebrate other cultures.

Colored Ribbons

Adding colored ribbons is less obvious than adding stickers, which will often feature cultural figures or images for a specific holiday. However, with ribbons, you can simply use colors that are connected to each holiday. For instance, for Arbor Day, you can attach green ribbons to product packaging in solidarity with the national holiday. For Canada Day, you can add red and white ribbons to packaging. The list can be endless. There are so many holidays and cultural events out there that can be celebrated!

Colored ribbons are easier to find than custom stickers, but the inclusion of ribbons on products’ packaging and design is less obvious. You may need to explain to your customers what the significance of the ribbons are. However, if you are fine with doing this, ribbons are the perfect choice to include in your product packaging.

An Attached Card

You can mass-print small, simple cards that explain each holiday in a few sentences or less. You can then attach these cards to your products’ packaging. While this is a more time-intensive strategy to implement, it can work out in your favor. Similar to the Snapple drinks which have facts printed on the bottom of their bottle caps, you can also inform your customers about a cultural fact that they do not yet know of.

This is a great way to help your customers learn about other cultures, and to celebrate other cultures with your customers.

If you want to spruce up your products’ packaging and design, consult with a packaging and design manufacturer like Brown Packaging. We have helped countless small businesses and entrepreneurs in and around Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe, Ontario, and the GTA, with their packaging needs, and we can help you as well. For more information about product packaging, you should visit us in-store or online at our website today.