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Let’s not mince words. Point of purchase displays, those displays you see in the checkouts at stores, are an amazing way to sell any seasonal merchandise you do not want to put in storage until next year.  With Christmas around the corner and only a few weeks of winter holiday left, any winter-themed inventory you have needs to go, and go fast.

Purchasing a point of purchase display is a great boon to sales and increased revenue, and will pay for itself before the season ends. Contact a point of purchase display manufacturer to order a display unique to your business needs. You will increase sales revenue, advertise your wares, and establish a better relationship with your visitors and customers by increasing their satisfaction and making their shopping experience more efficient.

Point of Purchase Displays Are Versatile

There are many different types of point of purchase displays available for your small to medium-sized business. These displays are, in essence, advertising and marketing materials placed near or next to the merchandise they are publicizing. However, if you own a very small store and do not have space for a display that holds merchandise for customers’ convenience when at the checkout, there is no need to worry. Point of purchase displays can be posters, billboards, sandwich boards, floor stands, etc.

Point of purchase display manufacturers, like Brown Packaging, understand the varying needs of small- and medium-sized businesses, and strive to meet their clients’ needs with every order. No matter what inventory you are promoting, regardless of the season, a professional manufacturer will ensure that your needs are met, which increases the effectiveness of point of purchase displays.

An Efficient Advertising Medium

If you have enough floor space, you can also place point of purchase displays in various departments or sections of your stores to advertise lesser-known inventory in that specific area. For instance, if you are having a sale on Christmas-themed socks but most of your clientele do not see them because you stocked the socks on a low shelf, a point of purchase display can inform customers where to look.

In addition, by placing a display in the relevant store section, customers can quickly find the items you have advertised while in that section, instead of having to internally debate whether they should leave the checkout line to find the socks on their own, wasting their time and patience while holiday shopping. You can also use a point of purchase display to advertise seasonal promotions, like holiday discounts for students, for example.

A Radical Idea

Instead of using point of purchase displays to advertise your wares, you might find that your sales increase if you advertise charitable causes your business contributes to instead. By showing customers and prospective visitors the beneficial causes their purchases contribute to, they will be more likely to purchase your goods as well as identify with your company. It is not a good idea to do this only to increase your revenue, as it might be perceived as shameful and greedy, but helping charitable causes will help your own business stay healthy and successful. It is a win-win situation.

One successful example is TOMS, a shoe company. For every pair of shoes you purchase, they send a free pair to disadvantaged children around the world. Of course, while TOMS wants you to purchase their shoes, they have identified with a charitable cause bigger than themselves, which endears them to customers. If you have a cause you are passionate about and contribute to, even if it a local soup kitchen for instance, it might make good financial sense to advertise how customers can help, with a point of purchase display.

Brown Packaging is an industry-leading point of purchase display manufacturer, located in Burlington, Ontario. We serve clients in our hometown of Burlington, the GTA, the Golden Horseshoe, and across the province of Ontario. If you would like to order a point of purchase display for your next store promotion, or would like additional information, please contact us on our website.