Corrugated Boxes: A Sustainable Industry

Experts in the corrugated boxes industry are always looking for ways to increase sustainability. The goal is to create a system of sustainability on every level; this includes the replanting of trees, the recycling of old corrugated boxes, and composting them when necessary and where possible. Brown Packaging works hard to be a company that stays informed about the latest practices and developments in sustainability. Due to the nature of the industry, it is important that we find ways to make it as sustainable as possible in order to ensure that corrugated boxes remain readily available for every major industry that relies on them.

Wood is a renewable resource. Corrugated boxes are made from pulp which is a byproduct of trees. Corrugated boxes are an essential item to numerous industries throughout the world. Thus, it is important that corrugated boxes remain a renewable industry. That is our focus and we hope that other packaging companies share this vision.

In most cases, corrugated boxes are highly recyclable. 96% of Canadians have access to recycling programs and it is estimated that 85% of them take advantage of these initiatives. If we can continue to increase these numbers and to ensure that corrugated boxes avoid ending up in landfills, it will lead to a sustainable industry that improves with efficient waste management measures. Only 3% of corrugated boxes are lined with wax, but research has demonstrated that it is easier to compost these boxes than it is to recycle them. Even though it is only a small percentage of corrugated boxes, improving on every negative statistic is important and it shows the industries willingness to earn its green label.

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