Corrugated Boxes and Beyond - Sustainability Facts for the Modern Age

There's no doubt that sustainability remains a key driver of contemporary businesses in the modern world, both from a cost perspective and the way in which brands are perceived by customers.

Make no mistake; sustainability can impact on every conceivable aspect of your business, from the use of recyclable materials such as corrugated boxes to commercial waste management processes.

In this article, we'll look at some fascinating sustainability statistics and ask what your business can learn from these.

1. The Market Volume for Environmental Technologies Will Reach $2.7 Trillion by 2020

Environmental technologies represent huge business in the current climate, thanks primarily to the rise of concepts such as corporate social responsibility.

The projected market value of $2.7 trillion in 2020 will be driven by a number of key technologies, with energy efficiency innovations pertaining to industrial processes, insulation and appliances set to be worth around $1.2 billion alone in two years’ time.

Beyond this, waste management and recycling technologies will generate an estimated $63 billion by 2020, as businesses of all scopes and sizes look to comply with green legislation and invest more in the use of sustainable materials.

Recognizing the technologies and their future value is an important consideration for businesses, as it offers a clear insight into core sustainability trends while also making it easier to identify where capital should be invested.

2. One-third of Customers Now Buy from Brands Based on Their Social and Environmental Impact

There's an argument which suggests that the rise of corporate social responsibility has been inspired by changing consumer behavior, with the modern generation of customers increasingly likely to partner with brands that have strong and proven sustainability credentials.

According to a recent Unilever study, approximately one-third of consumers are now selecting brands based on the social and environment impact that they have on the world around them.

This translates into a total marketing opportunity worth in the region of $1.3 trillion for brands that are able to redefine their business models and clearly promote their social and environmental credentials to customers.

This principle applies to business both large and small, and while each firm's investment will depend on their budgetary constraints the key is to focus on the potential ROI.

3. A Positive Reputation for Sustainability Can Account for 11% of a Firm's Value

Recently, Project ROI was launched to determine the most influential factors when calculating a business’s monetary value. The headline findings were extremely interesting, as they revealed that on average 33% of a company's value can be attributed to its name and visual identity.

In more specific terms, a brand's reputation for social responsibility and sustainability can account for 11% their total value, and this percentage continues to rise incrementally with every passing year.

This highlights the importance of sustainability to businesses, particularly in terms of the way in which they operate and are perceived by their customers.

With this in mind, it's important that businesses actively promote their efforts to create a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly brand, and strive to integrate this as a key component of their identity.

Corrugated Boxes Can Contribute to a More Sustainable Business

Attempting to create a sustainable business model can be daunting for some companies, of course, particularly smaller and medium-sized ventures. This is why materials such as corrugated boxes can prove so important, as it enables firms to invest in sustainability at an affordable and accessible level as they continue to grow.

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