Corrugated Boxes are Economical and Eco-Friendly

If your company has been searching for a reliable way to ship products across the city, country or globe, look no further than Brown Packaging.  Brown Packaging is a packaging and design company that helps address all your shipping and storage needs with several different types of packaging solutions, including durable, economical and eco-friendly corrugated boxes.  Our team will strive to exceed all your expectations in terms of quality, service and value each time we work together. 

Two of the best features of corrugated boxes are low cost and low ecological impact for our planet.  Cardboard is strong, durable and reliable, but also not expensive to produce and work with.  For the best shipping results, you can rely on layers of cardboard that will support your product through the shipping process and ensure its arrival in perfect condition.  Additionally, the eco-friendly factor is an important one.  Cardboard is a great example of the 3Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle.  You can do all three with cardboard, especially reuse. Boxes are easily folded up for storage and can be put back together for your next move or shipping requirement.  These two important components of corrugated boxes make them even more appealing to our customers – easy on the pocketbook and the planet. 


Currugated Boxes Stay Intact During Shipping

You need your product delivered on time and in one piece.  It makes good business sense to ensure everything arrives in perfect condition, otherwise, consumer complaints and word of mouth will affect your business.  That is why corrugated boxes are the best choice for shipping products near or far.  Their sturdy design, including layers of cardboard separated by fluting for added protection, make them the obvious choice for your company’s shipping needs.  There is no better shipping container on the market that will not only protect your product, but do so in such an economically effective way.  Our team will be happy to meet with yours to discuss your needs and how Brown Packaging can be a part of your company’s shipping solution.  Shipping is increasingly important today, with the added emphasis on on-line shopping.  Consumers need to trust that they will receive the product they ordered on time and intact.   Whether you are ordering a product for yourself from the same city, or having a gift delivered to a dear relative overseas, ensure your customer can trust you by employing Brown Packaging to take care of your shipping supplies and ensure safe delivery.

Design Adds a New Dimension to Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are great on their own.  If you want to add a new dimension, think about some artwork, logos or wording on the outside of the box.  Making a box your own with exterior customization can begin the process of creating a brand for your company and brand recognition.  Our expert design team can offer suggestions to help you customize your box to represent your brand, product and company.  We will incorporate all your ideas and offer you suggestions that will help promote your product and in the end, increase your bottom line.  Customization is a form of advertising that is inexpensive and effective and that can be done quickly and easily by our team at Brown Packaging. 

Brown Packaging has been serving our valued customers in the GTA, Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe and across Ontario for almost 40 years.  Our longevity is our guarantee of quality value and service each time we work together.  Our large contingency of repeat clients can attest to our commitment to customer service and to producing the best products on the market.  We work individually with our clients to ensure their needs are met and arm them with the products to help ensure customer satisfaction from all ends.