Corrugated Boxes Convey Messages

Corrugated boxes are out there on the move every day in the world and they even outlast the storage of their initial intended contents. More than just a simple container, boxes have the ability to convey messages as they travel the world that let others know a company’s status in an industry. No one gives a second thought or looks at a basic plain unidentifiable box. Printed corrugated boxes encompass message potential beyond mere eyeballs and we at Brown Packaging understand the value and power of image.

Message on Boxes

Many of our long time customers often use our products to send a message and make a point about something they want to draw attention to. When viewed from an image potential perspective, it’s clear to see more than just a box. A canvas appears that encompasses image possibilities. It becomes a status object. Printed boxes impact a statement letting everyone know your position in your industry. The box then speaks for your company or brand before your products are even unpacked. Thus brand recognition and awareness starts at the box, offering powerful potential when addressing branding and the human brain response. Our intelligent and knowledgeable graphic designers possess the talent and innovation to make your message pop effectively to elevate an organic extension of your brand message.

Success to Celebrate

Is your company approaching a milestone? Interested in conveying some pride in accomplishment of success in your industry? Celebrate your awards and achievements for all to see when your products and shipments are on the move in corrugated boxes from Brown Packaging. Milestones and awards in business shout volumes, signifying your company’s success in an industry. A small message or image on your boxes can state that your business has grown to be recognized and valued. Our customers continue to enjoy using their corrugated boxes to mark anniversaries, award achievements and industry status. It’s a cost effective way to generate an impactful image in the marketplace.

Box Launcher

Have plans to launch a new product or service in the near future? Is your company improving, updating or modifying an existing product? Consider the use of corrugated boxes in your marketing initiative. At Brown Packaging you may be surprised at how cost effective it is to utilize this rather untapped medium. Our flexible production practices allow us to produce short print runs to facilitate minimum orders, and our customers appreciate the benefits of updated, timely messages printed onto their corrugated boxes.

Statement Boxes

Some customers prefer to showcase pride of business by printing their mission statement onto their company boxes. Others choose to use their corporate or brand tag lines, while others opt for image printing of their actual product right on the box to be clearly seen. When working with us at Brown Packaging there are no limitations. We are diligent in listening to our customer needs and desired goals, offering our innovative cost effective solutions and co-creating impactful results that solidify our customer satisfaction. Our streamlined printing production practices, innovation in inks and dyes, and graphic design allow us the ability to extend maximum value and savings to our customers. Visit our website and price out with us the statement you wish your corrugated boxes to convey in the world. You may be quite amazed and thus enticed to place your custom order with us at Brown Packaging.

We Are Our Customer Success

In almost four decades of successful business, the one thing we’ve enjoyed collecting most is our long standing customers, and our list continues to grow. We value our ability, in best resources, talent and practices, to continually be responsive to the needs and goals of all our customers. At Brown Packaging, our success is directly proportional to our customer’s satisfaction, so we naturally strive to go the extra mile in our customer service and optimal product manufacturing. If you’re operating a business in Burlington, the GTA, the Golden Horseshoe or across Ontario, and you require corrugated boxes, consider us at Brown Packaging.