Corrugated Boxes More Sanitary Then Plastic Containers

We are frequently asked whether corrugated boxes are more sanitary than plastic ones. In general, corrugated boxes tend to be more sanitary and a recent 2014 study conducted by the University of Guelph concluded the same thing. Here at Brown Packaging, we are strongly in support of corrugated boxes and their application in all facets of modern business.

“University of Guelph food safety professor Keith Warriner concluded there is a high prevalence of food safety indicators especially E coli which highlights the potential for the presence of enteric pathogens that could encompass viruses, protozoa and bacteria,” concluded the study.

“We never had that problem with corrugated boxes,” said Peter Cummings, president of the British Columbia Greenhouse Growers’ Association. “This is a completely unacceptable risk. It only takes a nasty outbreak on peppers or tomatoes, and then consumers will blame the retailers and growers. But RPCs will get off the hook and it will be hard to find the smoking gun.”

In most cases, plastic containers had traces of bacteria that were above an acceptable level and a large majority of the samples investigated in the study—30 percent—carried a “Product of Mexico” label. This is a problem that clearly affects plastic containers, but it isn’t one that has an impact on corrugated boxes.

A recent resolution at the CHC general meeting concluded that manufactures and retailers would have to work to cleanup plastic containers in order to address growing food safety and biosecurity concerns. They also requested that their members work with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to create a new system of best practices to better manage the process of using plastic containers. The meeting didn’t make any specific mention of corrugated boxes.

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