Corrugated Boxes Save Money When Compared to Plastic

A Northwest onion grower recently collected data on the costs associated with corrugated boxes and reusable plastic containers (RPCs). Their model assessed the costs of shipping 40 million pounds of onions to businesses throughout Columbus, Ohio, using corrugated boxes and RPCs. The onions travelled 2,200 miles annually to distribution centers and retail stores.

The overall results demonstrated that corrugated boxes are far cheaper to use than RPCs. In fact, corrugated boxes saved $760,000 (10.4 percent of total system costs) when compared to RPCs. Why is this? RPCs are labor intensive as they need to be returned to a retailer. These additional labor costs attributed to a $1 million increase in the cost of shipping, handling, and washing. Corrugated boxes avoid this as they are recyclable and do not incur additional shipping, handling, and washing charges. In this study, corrugated boxes had a total annual cost of $7.2 million, while the total was $8 million for RPCs.

RPCs are reusable, but they do breakdown and require recycling just like corrugated boxes. RPCs have an annual recycling cost of $43,000, while corrugated boxes totaled $99,700. The difference isn’t that large when you consider the fact that RPCs should last much longer and are advertised on the premise that they will save a business money long-term.

As a consumer, corrugated boxes indirectly save you money by reducing the costs that local stores face when shipping products, which results in cheaper prices on the retail side of things. The fact that corrugated boxes saved an astonishing $760,000 per year, demonstrates that they are a cost-effective method of shipping that directly passes on the savings to the consumer.

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