Corrugated Boxes: The Best Protective Packaging on the Market

Not all packaging is created equal. Sometimes, you need an affordable packaging that can withstand any level of abuse it encounters, whether you are shipping your products across the country by post, or simply sending your products home with your in-store customers. Luckily, such a packaging option exists and is affordable enough for any small business owner to purchase.

Corrugated boxes are available in many shapes, sizes, and strengths, ensuring your products arrive to your customers in pristine condition.

Here are three main reasons why.

All-Weather Protection with Corrugated Boxes

When you ship goods to your customers, you have a certain time frame you must do it in. It does not matter what time of year, or the type of weather outside, you have to deliver your products regardless. If you do not, you will lose your customers’ business and they may even badly review your business in public, leading to an exponential loss of sales over time.

In order to deliver your goods to customers on time, you need the best weather-protective packaging you can purchase. For most small businesses, having a limited budget means you cannot purchase top-quality packaging. Luckily, corrugated boxes are affordable and provide exceptional protection from the elements.

Corrugated boxes are made of multi-layered cardboard. Different forms of corrugated boxes are available, and have been used in every industry to ship products ranging from fruit to books to refrigerators. With a range of sizes available, the protection offered by corrugated boxes is second to none, especially against the elements.

Long-Distance Travel is no Problem

Long-distance travel can mean many things. It can mean you have to ship packages anywhere from hundreds of kilometers to the next town over. Regardless of the distance your packages have to travel to reach your customers, they need to arrive in pristine condition. Corrugated boxes are durable enough to withstand many common problems with long-distance travel.

When being transported by mail truck for instance, as is common when you ship a package by post, packages tend to get jumbled whenever the truck drives over potholes. Packages can hit each other, leaving dents, scratches, and tears if the packaging is not durable or strong enough to resist such treatment. In addition, packages can be mistakenly dropped or handled roughly. When you order packaging for your customers, you need to keep the rigors of long distance travel in mind.

Corrugated boxes are strong and durable enough to withstand such treatment. Wrapping your products in less-than-protective packaging like paper or plastic is not sufficient enough. With cardboard corrugated boxes, you will no longer have to worry about whether your products will be damaged on the way to your customer. They will not be.

Protect Your Fragile Goods with Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes offer protection to all forms of products, regardless of their size or fragility. Although smaller products are usually more robust due to a smaller surface area, which does not compromise the strength of a product when distributing surface tension, larger products are not. This is important because weaker forms of packaging will tear, harming your products. Only corrugated boxes can withstand such pressure with larger products.

Whether you are shipping glass menageries, paperback books, or any other sort of fragile product, use corrugated cardboard boxes to ensure they will arrive to your customers’ doors in perfect condition. There is no better feeling than ensuring your customers are satisfied with the business and service you provide.

Brown Packaging in Burlington offers corrugated boxes for all types of products that need to be shipped. If you are a small business owner operating in Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe, the GTA, or anywhere else in Ontario, you should consider stocking corrugated boxes today. With their affordable price and the protection they provide, there is no better guarantee on the market for protective packaging. Please contact us at our website for more information, or to place an order today.