Corrugated Boxes the Staple Expenditure

In North America, over 96% of all goods shipped are packaged and transported in corrugated boxes. Boxes have many varied uses and most businesses in operation today will utilize them particularly when in a position to package and ship products. Often a staple expenditure, it is not unlikely for it to be made even more cost effective, especially when employing the vision to do so. At Brown Packaging we employ the vision to optimize the potential of all our corrugated products which allows us the ability to empower our customers with effective insight and viable options for possible improvement.

Envision Communications

Aside from housing items for storage and transporting saleable goods, boxes have the potential to advertise and join in on marketing initiatives. A little ink goes a long way to deliver a brand message. Boxes can become revitalized with new found life if landing in a marketing program that extends brand communication to packaging and shipping of product. Take a closer look at what you’re shipping your product in and see if you can envision the untapped potential of the box. Hard pressed to see it?! Consider giving us a call at Brown Packaging to see if we may be able to help you expand your vision. Basic boxes can become advertising vehicles furthering the life of a corporate/brand message. And you don’t have to break the budget to employ effective communications through the use of printed graphics and clever design. Contact us today and let’s crunch some numbers with you so you have the opportunity to cost justify it for yourself.

Further Benefits

Maybe you have been using corrugated boxes for many years now that have your company logo printed on them. The price points fit well into your budget and you’re pleased with the quality. You may not see any room or need for improvement, so no reason to spend any time investigating. Well maybe consider one of these situations that your business could benefit from:

Bulk Pricing and Distribution Chain

Order quantities that offer volume price breaks. This would be beneficial to further cost savings if only you had the warehouse space to store the volume of boxes. We have storage space available to our customers so they can benefit from bulk ordering. We also have our own sophisticated distribution system and fleet of delivery trucks to ensure timely delivery even to multiple location points.

Complementary Communications

Perhaps you’ve got a new or improved product you’re launching into the marketplace with an aggressive advertising and marketing plan. Consider including your corrugated boxes in on the promotional action and extend your launch message right through the chain. You’d be surprised how affordable printing a message on your boxes can be, particularly when the impact on brand communication is in harmony with your marketing initiatives. ‘No stone left unturned’, your advertising is able to extend throughout all aspects of distribution. Your message will have the complementary ability to be seen by even more eyeballs as your products make their way to the retail floor.

Full Service Corrugated Boxes Solutions

Brown Packaging is a full service corrugated solutions provider. We have the vision to see far beyond the box into retail merchandising, packaging and design and more. We specialize in maximizing the potential for our customers in Burlington, the GTA, the Golden Horseshoe and across Ontario. Whatever you’ve got planned for your brand in 2017, consider one of the best in the business to assist you with achieving your goals and give us a call.