Corrugated Containers: A Packaging as Unique as Your Business

Most small businesses, stores, and shops, use corrugated boxes. These boxes are generally shaped like squares or rectangles and come in a variety of sizes. However, your business may be unique, and your packaging designs may require something more than the typical box design. If your packaging needs are as unique as your business, you should consider purchasing corrugated containers today.

Some Corrugated Container Designs

The Open-Face Design

Anytime you are selling small packages in bulk, or simply advertising them on your shelves, you should consider purchasing corrugated containers. These containers usually have an open-face design with an easy-to-open perforated edge on one side for the simple removal of the side without compromising the box’s integrity. You can simply pull on a tab and open the box up.

These types of open-face corrugated containers are popular in convenience stores. You can see them in the candy aisle, where many chocolate bars are resting in their manufacturer’s boxes, waiting to be picked off the shelves. If you go to the garden section of a grocery store, you can see such containers hosting many different packets of plant seeds. Even soda cans come in open-face containers nowadays. You can simply open the perforated edge and grab a Coke without tearing open the box!

The Thematic Corrugated Container

Sometimes, corrugated containers are just like other corrugated boxes, except they are manufactured in asymmetric shapes. Many stores purchase such containers for special occasions like holidays and religious events. On Halloween, you can often see items in stores with corrugated cardboard containers that are shaped like coffins. On Christmas, your local department store may sell chocolate in corrugated containers shaped like Evergreen trees. The possibilities are endless.

Items in corrugated containers that match a specific theme tend to sell well, due to the added “wow” factor that entices customers. It really shows the effort the manufacturer of the item, and the store shipping it, put into their presentation. Although thematic corrugated containers may not be useful every day of the year, if a big holiday is coming up and you want to run a sales promotion for an item, consider purchasing thematic corrugated containers. It will really liven up your store.

Boxes inside Boxes

Since the popularity of Costco, Walmart, and other big box stores, more and more people are buying in bulk. However, regardless of the amount of items one buys, they cannot use it all at once. Many manufacturers, especially when it comes to corrugated containers, are bulk packaging their items. Each item is individually packaged and then re-packaged into a larger container so people can purchase them wholesale.

If you are thinking of re-packaging your products for bulk sales to customers, consider using corrugated containers. It is an elegant way to ensure that your products are kept separate from each other while in transit, as well as to allow your customer to more easily use individual portions of your product. If, for instance, you are selling books in a bookstore, it makes sense to package each book in a corrugated container before putting all the ordered books into a large box for your customer. This will prevent your products from dinging each other in transit and getting scratched.

There are many possibilities when it comes to using corrugated containers. If your business has unique requirements for your corrugated cardboard packaging, consider using corrugated containers today for all your product shipping needs.

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