Corrugated Containers and the Sustainability of Canadian Forests

There is misconception in the corrugated containers industry that logging companies are decimating forests in Canada. In reality, the law demands that logging companies replant any forests that they harvest with more trees than they harvested. Brown Packaging specializes in corrugated containers and corrugated materials and we are dedicated to helping our clients understand the green initiatives of our company and the industry as a whole.

In reality, the majority of mass deforestation is occurring in tropical climates. The Amazon is a major target of large-scale deforestation due to weak laws in the region. In Canada, companies are held to a higher standard and they are required to maintain a sustainable harvesting to planting ratio. Statistically, trees harvested for corrugated containers and all paper products account for only 0.02 percent of Canada’s 348 million hectares of forests. However, the number becomes even lower when adjusted for the devastation caused by the agricultural and oil and gas industries, and if natural disasters like forest fires are accounted for (4.2 million hectares per year), the numbers are even more skewed.

2012 saw only 0.6 million hectares of Canadian forests harvested. This total was down 12 percent from the previous year. Corrugated containers are recycled by most companies, resulting in a sustainable industry that doesn’t impact the natural forests of our country. 40 percent of the world’s certified forests are located in Canada and protected by our strict forest regeneration laws. The future of corrugated boxes is in good hands and the industry continues to thrive under these strict, but green initiatives.

Brown Packaging supports the green initiatives of the Canadian government and paper industries. We specialize in manufacturing corrugated containers. We offer our products and services to clients in Burlington, Toronto, the Golden Horseshoe, the GTA, and all of Ontario. If you have any questions about corrugated containers, please feel free to contact us today.