Corrugated Containers Are Great for Products of Any Size

While many businesses use corrugated containers for larger products, due to their affordability as opposed to other forms of packaging like wood and metal when used in large quantities, not as many businesses use corrugated cardboard for smaller products as well.

However, using corrugated containers for items of all sizes not only simplifies your packaging expenses, but also allows you to streamline the packaging process, ensuring that all your products are safely contained while being shipped to their customer.

Here are the top four benefits of using corrugated containers for smaller products.

Smaller Corrugated Containers Are Stronger

No matter how strong your corrugated containers are, they are much stronger in smaller sizes. This phenomenon occurs, in part, due to the fact that smaller containers are more robust due to their smaller surface size, and it is therefore more difficult for smaller corrugated containers to be damaged when being shipped to customers.

The corners of a container are its strongest areas because triangular shapes redistribute tension better. The smaller your corrugated containers are, the closer the sides are to the corners, which make them exceedingly strong, as opposed to larger containers, and containers made from other forms of packaging. 

Smaller Corrugated Containers Are More Portable

The smaller your corrugated containers are, the more versatile and portable they become. This phenomenon advantages both yourself and your customers. You can now fit more products, ready to be sold, on your shelves, which reduce the amount of store space you need for storage. Your customers will be able to purchase and carry more of your items in one trip, placing their purchases in their purses, backpacks, or bags.

Corrugated Containers Are Environmentally Friendly

Corrugated cardboard breaks down in landfills and can also be recycled by companies that manufacture corrugated containers. This results in a cheaper, more environmentally friendly form of packaging that benefits shop owners as well as the environment. Regardless of the size or shape of the product you are selling, customers ultimately care more about the quality of the product than the packaging it comes in. They will just recycle the packaging once they open it anyways. Use corrugated containers and help your customers make a positive impact on the environment.

Corrugated Containers Are Lighter

The weight of a product matters to the customer. If you use a heavier form of packaging, thereby artificially inflating a product’s weight, it can ruin a sale if a customer values the weight of a product. This applies to smaller items as well as larger ones. Customers transporting items from your store to their home also care about the weight.

The more a product weighs, the less customers feel they can purchase in one trip. A product’s weight is even more important if a customer must rely on a taxi or public transport to travel. Use a lighter, more affordable form of packaging like corrugated containers and save your customers a trip. The weight of a product’s packaging can even result in increased sales, as customers can now carry more items at once.

There are many advantages to using corrugated cardboard as your main source of product packaging. Regardless of the size of your products, corrugated cardboard has been shown to be a superior form of packaging, from its cost, to its strength and durability, to its weight. If you want to use a superior form of packaging for a superior product, switch to corrugated containers today. You will not regret it.

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