Corrugated Containers Are Low-Tech and That's Good

Technology affects every facet of our world. From new car features to innovations in single user coffee cups, everything is affected. However, just because something is “updated” or “innovative” does not necessarily mean it is better. To contrast the notion that “newer is better,” corrugated containers, one of the best forms of packaging, are successful because they are low-tech. There is no need to innovate anymore because corrugated containers already meet and exceed business owners’ expectations of this form of packaging.

Top 3 Reasons Why Low-tech Corrugated Containers are Better

Corrugated Containers Are Cheaper to Produce

One of the downsides of new technology, at least early on, is that they are prohibitively expensive to produce. This is not true with low-tech products like corrugated containers. Since corrugated containers have been a popular form of packaging for small businesses around the world for decades, they are substantially cheaper to produce than newer forms of packaging, like the individual coffee cups mentioned earlier in this article.

Corrugated containers are therefore cheaper to purchase, which means small business owners can keep their expenses down when ordering them, versus other forms of packaging that could be more expensive. This is essential for many new businesses that need to squeeze as much revenue out of their business to make it profitable, like restaurant owners who have some of the lowest profit margins in the sales industry.

Easier to Replace than More Expensive Packaging

It is every small business owner’s nightmare when factors outside of their control, like an animal that sneaks into their store and chews the containers or flash flooding that wets and ruins a shipment of corrugated containers. However, unlike other forms of packaging, corrugated containers are easier to replace due to their low price and the quick manufacturing process behind corrugated containers due to their low-tech construction.

When you purchase top-quality, yet inexpensive packaging like corrugated containers, you can afford to replace them if need be. This prevents a potentially financially ruinous situation where you have to ship products but do not have enough packaging at your disposal to do so, losing the sale. With corrugated boxes, you never have to worry about this from ever happening.

Easier to Ship and Receive

Everyone knows how to assemble and unpack corrugated containers. Having been a standard form of product packaging for decades, corrugated containers are accepted practically everywhere and can be shipped anywhere.

In contrast, if you were to create a new form of packaging, you might worry about customers that cannot open it, like those plastic cases that require scissors to open because they have been sealed shut. Customers are paying you for your products and therefore it is in their expectation to reduce their workload when receiving your products. Frustrating them will not help your sales potential. You may even lose sales to a competitor simply because they have a simpler and less frustrating form of packaging than you do. This is why using corrugated containers is so important.

Not every technological innovation can benefit your business. Sometimes, the tried and true methods are better, especially when price becomes a factor. As a small business owner, you need to be meticulous about your finances if you want to remain competitive, and this includes business expenses like packaging costs. Corrugated containers have remained a very popular choice of packaging among small business owners for decades because of their simple, inexpensive, and effective design, keeping products safe during delivery until their reception by their customers.

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