Corrugated Containers Are More Functional than Fancy

Corrugated containers are typically used for large items or high volume shipments that are being freight transported to destinations around the world. They’re more functional than fancy. Containers are more likely to see the bowels of trailers, ships or freight cars than they are to be seen by consumers or end users. Fancy printing isn’t always required by customers purchasing corrugated containers. A basic company name and logo normally suffices. It is the container construction that is of paramount importance as structural integrity secures the contents ensuring items arrive at the final destination in the condition they were initially packed.

Growth in Every Order

At Brown Packaging we offer a wide selection of corrugated solutions for businesses in all industries that require quality product at cost effective prices. We’ve been in business servicing customer needs for forty years, so that’s four decades of working with corrugate to create everything from giant containers to fancy product displays for countertop merchandising. Each year we discover new ways to innovate and streamline production so that we can extend quality and savings on to our customers. With every order we receive we learn something new and that aids in our progressive growth and longevity. In our industry we are leaders in talent and skill as we stay on top of the latest in technology, design, production and manufacturing as well as environmental awareness and ‘green consciousness’ initiatives.

Corrugated Containers For Large Appliances

Manufacturers of large appliances, both household and industrial, appreciate the cost effective high quality construction and design of the corrugated containers we produce. Our designers create industrial packaging to ensure components and parts are secure and well braced within the specifically designed boxing. This level of structural design detail allows for the activity of extensive shipping and handling during transportation. Goods packed in our containers reach their final destination intact as originally packaged.

Moving Containers

Van lines and moving companies enjoy the durability of our containers and boxes. The raw materials we use are of high quality and our manufacturing process coupled with our structural design allows for optimal strength to withstand multiple handling activity. Producers of large item toys, recreational and sporting goods value our cost effective large format printing capabilities. We’re able to create any type of large scale container design and print or affix graphics to ensure your product packaging requirements are met or even exceeded.

Your ‘Go-To’ Supplier

Competitively priced quality product with timely delivery makes us an attractive choice in today’s marketplace. Our customer service excellence allows us to become a ‘go-to’ supplier of corrugated solutions for many businesses throughout Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe, the GTA and across Ontario. Once you try Brown you will never frown because all of your corrugated solutions will be successfully discovered with us on your team. Allow us the opportunity to meet or even exceed your expectations. Give us a call today and let us know what you seek to achieve.