Corrugated Containers Double as an Effective Marketing Tool

In today’s global economy, it is standard to ship products not only across the city or country, but across the globe.  Shipping containers have become very important to our industry not only to protect your product, but to ensure your company is portrayed as a trustworthy professional supplier.  Corrugated containers can also be customized to act as an effective marketing tool, by promoting your brand, service or product with an advertising message on the packaging.

Brown Packaging is a trusted supplier of packaging products and services in the Burlington and GTA areas.  Our team will work with you to assess your packaging needs, including shipping, protection and marketing.  Our multi-tiered approach to packaging is effective and affordable.  Corrugated containers continue to be the best way to protect your product as well as the most affordable.  Customizing your packaging to include your company logo or product information is an added bonus that Brown Packaging can design and execute with our state of the art equipment and our knowledgeable team of design specialists.  At Brown Packaging, we know that the right container will enhance your product visibility and empower your brand with positive results for your company.

Brown Packaging Designs High Quality Corrugated Containers

At Brown Packaging, we not only specialize in manufacturing quality corrugated containers, we do so in a sustainable way.  We value our planet and environment, the occupational health and safety of our employees, as well as the interests of our clients.  We are committed to creating packaging that is recyclable and reusable.  Corrugated containers can easily be used in a home or office for storing everything in an easy-to-access way.

Our exclusive, customized packaging will make your customers value not only the product but also its packaging. Most of the containers can be easily reused due to their durability. Brown Packaging has been an industry leading packaging manufacturer since 1979, serving Burlington, the GTA, the Golden Horseshoe and South Western Ontario.