Corrugated Containers Help the Environment

You need to keep your product packaging clean and we can help. Bacteria growth is a problem for many small businesses, which can be prevented by the use of corrugated cardboard boxes and containers.

There are many environmental benefits when using corrugated cardboard. Cardboard can be used, reused, recycled, composted, and more. It is made of a renewable resource, is affordable, and does not negatively impact the planet unlike other forms of packaging like certain forms of plastic.

Cardboard can be corrugated, which is usually an option available for clients who want stronger and more durable cardboard containers or boxes. However, corrugated cardboard may have an even better benefit that you have not heard of yet: it limits bacteria growth.

However, beyond that, corrugation is a great feature to use, cardboard or not, if you want to limit the growth and spread of bacteria in your storage space and on your store shelves.

That is right, corrugated cardboard helps stop the growth and spread of bacteria.

Bacteria is Gross! What Links Bacteria to Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard helps prevent the growth of bacteria. Bacteria is always an issue because it can grow and spread without notice if you let it. If your products and packaging get rained on, and you do not dry off the wet items enough, bacteria can grow. If you are shipping food items and a beverage spills but is not cleaned up, bacteria can grow.

How Do Corrugated Containers Stop Bacteria?

It all comes down to the ridges that you see in corrugated materials. Corrugation basically creates a buffer between a product and the outer layer of its packaging. Bacteria, like all living organisms, need certain things to survive. At their most basic, bacteria generally need water and nutrients. A power source like the Sun is not necessary, in the case of mold.

Corrugated surfaces also trap bacteria. When trapped, bacteria die and bacteria growth is limited because it becomes harder to source the water and nutrients needed to grow and spread. Flat, smooth surfaces cannot trap bacteria because bacteria has nowhere to hide. This means that bacteria can grow, uninhibited by its environment. Bacteria can still obtain water and nutrients, and can still grow.

Why Should Bacteria on Corrugated Containers Be Stopped?

You have seen mold growing on surfaces before. It is disgusting. Luckily, with corrugated cardboard, you can limit this growth. This is great news, especially if you ship or stock food products in cardboard packaging where serious health risks can arise if the food is not protected well enough from bacteria growth.

By switching to corrugated cardboard containers, you can ensure that bacteria growth is limited on food items that you sell.

While bacteria exists all around us, and it is a naturally occurring organism, we still do need to do whatever we can to limit its presence. This is why food regulations exist. This is why restaurants clean their premises multiple times per day. This is why people go out of their way to avoid bacteria.

Bacteria is not the first thing you might think of when you think of corrugated containers, but it is important to think about.

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