Corrugated Containers Make Sense To Dollars

Wood, metal and other crating material options have the ability to elevate shipping weights and freight costs. Corrugated containers make more sense to save dollars. With favourable weights that confidently house required loads, containers made of corrugate fiberboard are cost effective shipping solutions worth considering for your business. At Brown Packaging, the containers we design and manufacture for our customers are packed with items that ship worldwide. We have a successful track record in customer satisfaction, and we’re a trusted source for quality corrugated containers for well over three decades in Ontario.

Cost Saver All The Way to the End User

Not only can we cost effectively design and produce the exact shipping container you require, if we don’t already have it available in stock, our experienced innovative designers can maximize the opportunity of every square inch to ensure all product components are boxed and packaged for secure protection within the container. Industrial packaging elements coupled with our excellence in corrugated container design makes for a reliable product of valued construction. Resourceful use of space without the need for fillers and additional packing materials is a shipping cost saver and an end user’s appreciation for not being held responsible for the disposal of unnecessary garbage.

Our Corrugated Container Get It Out There

Affordably priced printing options allow our customers the opportunity to put their image and message out there, often times utilizing containers as billboards on the move capturing eyeballs of attention while in transit. Some of our customers will go so far as including contact information, a QR code, URL or social media icons to generate interest. When you discover the value of having Brown Packaging on your team, you see a world of options and opportunities open up to your business. As a full service corrugate solutions provider, your goal success and satisfaction become our achievements.

No Need to Boast

If you need containers to store or ship goods and you’re not interested in putting out any message or posturing your status, we can facilitate the most suitable corrugated product to meet, and quite possibly exceed, your expectations. Integrity of structure and durable construction guide all our container design and manufacturing. Our customers heavily rely on our products to ensure their goods arrive at their destination in the same condition as when they were initially packed. Visit our website to find out more about what we can offer your business.   

Where It Ends Up

After each corrugated container has achieved its’ initial intended use, it has the adventure of becoming something else, if it doesn’t meet the fate of being burned or recycled. Many large corrugated containers become temporary garage or workstation flooring. Depending on the size, some get converted into club houses, lemonade stands, pet hotels and anything else that falls upon a child’s imagination. Other containers may end up being used to make signs and party decorations. The possibilities are quite endless. Your Brown Packaging corrugated container could quite possibly travel the planet and end up at a celebration being enjoyed by many. Now that’s something worth printing your brand name on!

Your Needs Our Goals

Need a container… like yesterday?! Contact us at Brown Packaging and speak to one of our experienced customer service reps today. If we don’t already have what you need readily available at a competitive price point, you may be quite impressed at our rapid turn around times, even on custom orders. Our manufacturing line is run and operated by some of the best people in the corrugate business. Our experienced professionals coupled with our industrial innovation, production practices and streamline scheduling all function together like a harmonic symphony. Integrated synergy throughout our business puts us at the top of the leader board which allows Brown Packaging to continue on as a popular choice in corrugated shipping, packaging and merchandising solutions for customers in the GTA, Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe and across Ontario.