Corrugated Containers Perfect for Cargo

When it comes to the weight of materials, corrugated containers are perfect for shipping goods and storing large items. Crate materials such as wood or metal add to overall weight which can have an impact on aspects such as freight costs. Containers produced of corrugate fiberboard offer a cost effective solution with solid reliable construction to secure required weight loads at an affordable price point. For that reason more businesses are favoring corrugated shipping containers for transporting and warehousing their goods. 

A Trusted Source

For just under four decades we have been designing and producing high quality cost effective containers and boxes that have been utilized to ship countless goods throughout the world. Our structural design and construction is solid and can accommodate heavy content loads. Our business has grown, and our innovation is state-of-the-art, in both design technology and production practices. Over the years we have earned a respectable reputation as being a trusted reliable source for corrugated products in Ontario. To learn more about Brown Packaging, our product and service offerings, visit us here and give us a call with your shipping and packaging needs.

Added Value

When you contact us to inquire about corrugated containers, chances are we have what you require available in our standard catalogue product line and in stock ready to deliver to you. Should you require a custom design container, we have the talented designers and skilled production team that can turn your order around in a timely fashion and get it delivered to your door. We can design, create and produce containers to your exact specifications, even with printing for external display or internal housing components, at a competitive price point. Add to that our unsurpassed customer service and delivery fleet of trucks, and you’ve got your business some added value by doing business with us.

Carry Your Message Worldwide

Shipping and storage containers, that spend time in the bellies of planes, trains, trucks and warehouses, may not get the opportunity to be seen as much as product boxes do, yet there are several customers who insist on having their company name, logo and other informative details printed on their corrugated crates. Our team of experts will show you the different printing options available to you should you wish to have your containers printed. Inquire about it and you may be surprised at how affordable printing can be. You may even consider turning your corrugated containers into mobile billboards that can travel the world carrying your brand message.

We May Exceed Expectations

Whatever your need for corrugated containers is, regardless of your requirements, we have the ability to facilitate the most suitable solution that may even exceed your expectations. Structural integrity and durability of construction is evident in our design and manufacturing. For many years customers in the GTA, Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe and across Ontario have relied heavily on our high quality products to ensure their goods reach their final destination in the same fine condition they were when first packed. Call us today with your container needs and get our corrugate working effectively for your business.