Corrugated Containers: The Best Packaging for a New Business

The two biggest issues when you are starting a new business is generating enough income to remain open, and reducing your expenses enough to make enough profit on your small business idea. If your revenues are too small or your expenses are too large, you could be putting your company at risk. Too many businesses fail within their first few years of operation for this exact reason.

One way to reduce operating expenses is to use corrugated containers as your primary form of packaging for shipping goods to customers.

Affordable Packaging

The laws of supply and demand apply to all goods and services in any business in any industry. Corrugated containers are affordable to create and purchase because many box companies exist, and they can mass-produce corrugated containers to lower their manufacturing costs even further.

These companies then pass the savings onto the customer, businesses like yours, which can purchase packaging more affordably. This is why you will see recommended sizes and shapes of containers for sale, even if a custom corrugated container is an order option.

Purchase Corrugated Containers and Reduce your Operating Expenses

Packaging That's Good for the Environment

When you are running a business, especially a new one, you need to take advantage of every advertising and marketing advantage that you have or can get. This includes your choice of packaging. One major advantage corrugated containers gives you is the ability to advertise your company’s dedication to the environment. Everyone loves the environment nowadays and will be more supportive of companies that do as well.

Corrugated containers are constructed using cardboard. Cardboard can be composted and broken down over time, leaving little to no ecological trace. Unlike plastic or Styrofoam, which will sit in landfills for years and decades at best, corrugated cardboard quickly returns to the Earth, making it a great form of packaging. If you care for the environment and want to market that fact to customers, consider purchasing corrugated containers today.

You Need Durable and Strong Packaging

When shipping your products to new customers, especially as a new business owner when your professional reputation is at stake, you need to ensure that your products will arrive safely and in one piece. Corrugated containers are very strong for their weight, making them an ideal choice.

Corrugated cardboard is multi-layered. Each layer of fluted cardboard adds more strength and durability to your corrugated containers. In addition, cardboard containers can be stacked on top of each other, making them a great choice for new small business owners and operators, especially if you need to ship products nationally or overseas.

A Recognizable Form of Packaging

Unless you run an avant-garde art shop, it may not be a good idea to create innovative packaging that is not immediately recognizable to your customers. While many successful businesses have their own form of packaging, like Apple Computers, your first priority should be making your company known for its high quality products and any services. One of the most recognizable forms of packaging is the corrugated container, due to its effectiveness, affordability, and durability, which keep products safe and secure while in transport.

If you want a recognizable form of packaging that far exceeds its worth, consider purchasing corrugated containers today. You will not regret it and neither will your customers when they receive their items in pristine condition.

If you are starting a new business and need to ship goods to customers and clients, look no further than corrugated containers for all your packaging needs. Brown Packaging sells containers and other forms of corrugated packaging to customers and clients primarily in Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe, and the GTA, but we also ship to customers across Ontario. For more information, visit our website today to learn more or to place an order.