Custom Designed POP Displays

At Brown Packaging we present a selection of basic corrugated retail merchandising solutions ready for purchase right off our shelf; however, our forte and main POP displays business is in custom designed orders. We’ve created corrugated merchandising solutions for a plethora of products in our four decades of successful business, and our customers span many different industries. Needless to say, our experience and knowledge is vast and aside from creating plenty of awesome display units, our expertise and design innovation allows us the opportunity to extend added value onto our customers.

Seasoned Manufacturer of Display Units

Sometimes there’s more to it than just creating a unit to sell products on a retail floor. Some POP displays are designed to do more than simply present products for sale. Maybe a brand message is needed to be delivered, possibly conveying a display of cooperation or cross-promotion. As a seasoned point of purchase display manufacturer our customers confidently come to us with their different initiatives and we’re equipped to facilitate their goals and incorporate into their display units everything from contests, cross promotions, marketing campaigns, charitable endeavors and more.

POP Displays with Contest Campaigns

Customers seeking to generate excitement around their products may choose to incorporate a contest element in their POP display and opt for a built-in ballot box, which includes the need for contest forms/pads and a writing object attached. With new innovation however, constructed features such as those can effectively be replaced by using graphics, rather than structurally designed modifications, that lead the consumer to social media, product/store apps or websites. QR codes could even be utilized allowing shoppers to easily access a contest landing page on their smartphone to complete and submit a contest form. Our structural and graphic design team at Brown Packaging possesses the talent, innovation and technical skill to incorporate any feature or action you require in the POP display for your promotional contest. And we’re not shy about speaking up when we discover new options and opportunities that can be of benefit to our customers.

POP Displays with Charitable Component

Over the years we’ve also had several customers wanting a donation component to be built into their point of purchase displays. Aligning themselves with a charity organization they were seeking to bring awareness to, many decided to cross promote a fundraising campaign with their products and incorporate a charitable component into their merchandising units. We’ve learned a lot from our experiences creating displays with incorporated charity elements over the years and with the internet there’s a great deal more flexibility and security to both generate awareness and raise funds. Marketing initiatives involving a relationship between a brand and charity can benefit from the cross promoting opportunities POP displays can offer. We work effectively with you to achieve your goals and strengthen relationships.

Incorporating Added Value

Many customers enjoy offering added value by providing coupons, recipes, brochures or product info sheets. Floor and countertop units can easily be outfitted with tear-away design installations allowing consumers added value at the point of purchase. Pads of tear-off sheets or loose pamphlets are simple to incorporate structurally and easy to refill/replace. These days, with digital devices in hand, consumers have the ability to quickly access brand specific offers and information via the internet, social media and other smartphone applications. We’ve even designed countertop displays that only house brochures and others that just promote, offering nothing at all but awareness of service or brand. Whatever you have to offer, our skilled designers encompass the expertise and innovation to incorporate the value elements into your displays and achieve your desired goals.

POP Displays Seen and Heard

Sometimes a point of purchase display is required to make noise… as in actual sound. Inexpensive speakers and soundcards can be installed to play brand jingles or music as consumers select to hear or interact with the merchandising unit. Your company app can even be incorporated allowing for more robust brand interaction right on the retail floor. If you can conceive it and want to achieve it, we’re here to help you succeed by designing and creating effective POP Displays for you. We are corrugated merchandising solution providers servicing businesses in Burlington, the Golden Horseshoe, the GTA and across Ontario. Visit us online today and let us know your vision.