Custom Made Corrugated Boxes Package, Protect and Promote Your Product

Corrugated boxes are more than just packaging solutions for shipping and storage.  They will protect your product and ensure the safe arrival at its destination, whether it’s across the city or across the globe.  A well-designed, custom made corrugated box can also act as an effective marketing tool by promoting your brand or product directly on the packaging.   At Brown Packaging, our experienced, knowledgeable packaging designers can help you assess your packaging needs and show you how creating custom packaging can increase your brand visibility and drive up sales.   Our diverse team of designers will apply different strategies, including corporate culture, marketing, branding, and environmental sustainability, to create effective, innovative packaging.

Brown Packaging is one of the leading corrugated box manufacturers using some of the highest-tech tools and packaging design software to date.   Corrugated boxes are meant to preserve and protect a product, and at Brown Packaging, we are constantly looking for ways to improve packaging design. By understanding and anticipating the future needs of the packaging industry, we are able to develop creative, esthetically appealing, and technologically advanced corrugated boxes.

At Brown Packaging, we offer a wide selection of different shapes, styles and sizes of corrugated boxes, including traditional die cut boxes such as slotted boxes, telescopic boxes, tray pak boxes, interior inserts, and more. Our corrugated boxes are a cost effective solution to pack, ship, and store your products. Furthermore, any box can be custom printed with your unique artwork including logo and product information. Our custom made corrugated boxes are great for consumer products and work well on retail shelves; they can also add a luxurious and appealing touch to holiday gifts, chocolate, beauty and other special products.
Brown Packaging has been an industry leading packaging manufacturer in Burlington, the GTA, the Golden Horseshoe and South Western Ontario since 1979.